According to a research journal article published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience in February 2012, meditation can alter the geometry of the brain’s surface. This increased gyrification may reflect an integration of cognitive processes when meditating, since meditators are known to be introspective and contemplative, using certain portions of the brain in the process of meditation. This loosening up lessens our feelings of anxiety, because the neural pathways linking our Me-Center to our fear decreases. A large cardiovascular study was done and published in November 2012, in the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes. New research on meditation shows that meditation can improve your ability to recall memories.
Improved brain functioning, loosened neural pathways, improved heart health and enhanced memory are just some of the chances you will see in your life with meditation. A well designed study should compare TM with other meditation, and with hypnosis, self hypnosis, etc. There was a study done at the University of California in Los Angeles involving 50 meditators and 50 controls that addressed a possible link between meditation and cortical gyrification, the pattern and degree of cortical folding that allows the brain to process faster and act more efficiently.
If you want to experience the benefits for youself, which is the only way to learn since these studies are all looking in the wrong direction, I suggest you start by controling your thoughts, day dreams, emotional impulses, etc. The point is that this study was supposed to give a meaningful comparison between meditation and a control. Researchers studied these participants for five years and discovered something interesting.

She has found that those that practice meditation could adjust their brains waves better, and thereby increase their concentration levels. For example, Schneider, Grim, et al carried out their study on TM (Transcendental Meditation) and are affiliated with the Maharishi University of Management Research Institute, Maharishi Vedic City.
I've tried and enjoyed meditation, but I remain to be convinced that it is anything other than a way of gaining deep relaxation. Don't shut out the happening of your mind, embrace and engage them until you are in full control.
It is the very effective tool to remove the stress and really fast way to have some experiences for deepest level of yourself. The important thing that Gladding also mentions is that to maintain the benefits of meditation, you must keep meditating because “the brain can very easily revert back to its old ways if you are not vigilant.”  Make it a habit! Those that chose the meditation class had 48% reduction to the overall risk of heart attack, stroke and death.
They could screen out distractions and increase productivity faster than those that did not meditate. That makes me wonder if there may be some vested interest in carrying out a study that gives a positive result for TM.
I agree, we need better studies to really show that dedicated meditation is better than other lifestyles depicted by social norms.
Until then, Gratitude (the action and physical state, not the thought) is a better vibe to sync to.

I could list a great wonderful list of benefits of mediation but it is certainly NOT a replacement for love. Their control group, was not another type of meditation or time spent being quiet, but a talk. These kind of studies wouldn't do much for us though because science has not yet progressed to the point of understanding what meditation really effects.
THAT might have shown there was something deep and different about meditation, compared to merely sitting quietly.
We don't understand memory, thought, or even emotion very well - just the physical symptoms that show when we stimulate those processes.
But what you are not told is it enables you to experience millions of possibilities you once thought were impossible. There may be something interesting about meditation, but the references I followed don't show it.
But it wouldn't be the most beautiful humble teachings that exists on this planet if it did.
It's fine, but I encourage you to REALLY dissect what Love really means to you, especially on the applicable, manifesting level.

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