From our seemingly automatic functions like breathing and our heartbeats to our emotions, how we move and how well we are able to think and process information – it all comes back to the brain. Of course, the best way to treat brain ailments is to do your best to keep them from happening in the first place (which, believe it or not, is sometimes something you can control) and that means keeping your brain as healthy as possible. Exercise increases blood flow to the brain, which encourages the release of endorphins, those handy little hormones that elevate our mood and help us maintain an emotionally healthy stasis throughout the day. Physically speaking, the increase in blood flow helps the brain grow new blood vessels and neural pathways. There are also foods, particularly those that contain artificial hormones and chemicals, that can induce the production of certain hormones that dramatically affect how our brain produces hormones like serotonin, etc. As we mentioned in our introduction, injuries like these can lead to extensive and invasive surgeries, surgeries that can cause more problems than they solve. Going out and learning new things has also proven to improve the neural connections in your brain, no matter how old you are. Check out our outrageous, exciting and fun list of 10 things to do for your best Halloween ever exclusively for Happy-Healthy-Successful readers!
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Halloween is just around the corner, but there is lots to be done before then: the house to decorate, the costumes to find, fun and creepy food to prepare and definitely party games or various activities to organize to make sure that everyone feels festive for the spooky Halloween fun. This time of the year everyone start thinking about what kind of fun activities we can get engaged in over the Halloween weekend and get away with it!
If you don’t have a lot of creative Halloween ideas on how to get the most fun out of it, this article will guide you through it into the most fun Halloween celebration of your life. Serve some terrifying foods and scary drinks, give prizes for the most imaginative make up and costumes. The post The Importance of Respecting your Healthcare Team appeared first on Happy-Healthy-Successful. The post 4 Reasons to Enter a Race, No Matter What Your Ability appeared first on Happy-Healthy-Successful.
Pull on your running shoes, or take your wheelchair out onto the local streets, and put your body through its paces.
There will be members of staff or volunteers that are there to support the very last person as they make their way around the course, and the crowds that gather to watch will make every runner feel like a star. The post Five Simple Tips For Staying Safe On The Road appeared first on Happy-Healthy-Successful.
People drive the whole year round and each season has its own array of dangers when it comes to the roads. It’s not just important that teens and children wear them, adults should lead by example. Since the dawn of time people have been trying to find the Fountain of Youth: discover the secrets of anti aging to look young and stay healthy forever. Immortality has always had such an enigmatic appeal to people of different nations and nationalities. Throughout the centuries famous people like Ponce de Leon, Spanish explorer who discovered Florida and was a governor of Puerto Rico, Alexander the Great, a king of Macedon, and many others were looking for the Fountain of Youth that would provide rejuvenation and possibilities for eternal life.
In the 20th century there have been a lot of incredible inventions and discoveries that changed the face of Earth and human life forever. This theory has been featured on Discovery News Channel as well as on ABC News and talked about this young Russian billionaire, Dmitry Itskov, whose dream is to achieve cybernetic immortality for humans by 2045.
He teamed up with dozens of scientists who will work on his immortality project and will use especially created avatars to transfer human personality into artificial body. During the last step of this project which will start in 2040 and end in 2045 a hologram-like avatar will have a human brain. His theory is based on the latest discoveries of nanotechnology and better understanding on how the human body works.
Nanotechnology is a new way of looking at things and controlling them at an atomic and molecular level.
He based his theory on the facts that medical and computer technology have been accelerating at an incredible rate and with the help of nanotechnology it will be possible to replace many of the human vital organs. Getting vital organs replaced will be just a minor surgery for humans and having bionic hearts and other organs will give them an opportunity to do things we have never thought would be possible. Traditional Russian Orthodox Christmas involves special prayers and a fast of 39 days(!) till the first star appears in the sky on Christmas Eve. Every country of the world is very unique, and has different traditions of celebrating Christmas. I personally enjoy celebrating Christmas in the United States, and for me and my family it is the biggest holiday of the year. This is the time for very long naps, which you will need after circling the buffet table while carrying a 12-pound plate of food and that vat of eggnog. You are only responsible for your own feelings and, when you accept that, other people will no longer be able to manipulate you.
You will never have control of your life while you are around people making you feel lesser than you actually are. In the days prior to the American Revolution, Pennsylvania, which was not only a Quaker, but also a pacifist, colony restricted her residents from crossing over the Susquehanna River and taking up Indian lands. Marylanders had no such compulsion and were more inclined to travel up a river, than to worry about where a rather arbitrary political boundary might cross through the woods.
William grew up predominantly in York Co., PA where he met and married Catherine Houts on 27 Oct 1778, on his 21st birthday. This last stay in Maryland was of a short duration and they were probably gone in the early 1790’s. They must have lived fairly close to one of the original settlements in that state, as William’s oldest son, John Geery, soon met a young girl, by the name of Elizabeth Guthrie, who was about his same age, and who was born there in Madison Co. In the mean time, William Geery and the rest of his family remained, at least for the most part, in Madison Co., KY. William remained for the rest of his life in Madison County, KY, passing away there on 14 Jan 1838 outliving his second wife by two years, as Hannah died there on 26 Oct 1835. For several years they made their home next to his in-laws and seemed happy in this community. Not too long after the death of little William, this family decided to pull up stakes and move to a new territory.
They traveled down the Cumberland River to where it meets the Ohio, and then, just a short distance further, it merges with the Mississippi. In the mean time, after John’s move to Missouri, his younger brother, James Geery, who had still been living with their folks back in Kentucky, packed up his family and in the early 1830’s moved to Missouri too.
Robert was born in Williamson County, TN on 1 Dec 1808, and was the second child in the family of John and Elizabeth Guthrie Geery. Life was tough on the frontier for a young man, but his father needed him to help clear the land of most of the trees, and to plow and plant the crops. In the community near where they lived was another family, who had been their friends in Williamson Co., TN, and who had moved to Missouri with them. Robert and Sally were married in Ralls County, on 29 Sep 1831 and began building up their own farm ground in Pike County, next to the farm and home of William W.
No out-right military conflict resulted, but more and more Mormons kept moving into the western counties of the state, north of Jackson County. In time, the Mormons were expelled from Missouri, and in the cold of winter, 1839, many of them migrated back across northern tier of counties, on their way to Illinois. In 1860, following the election of Abraham Lincoln, from the neighboring state of Illinois, the Civil War broke out and Missouri was referred to as a “split state” meaning that it was both a “slave” state, as well as a “free” state, and the people could chose which way they wanted to be.
At this time, Robert Geery was 52 years old when his wife, Sally Parks, became ill and passed away on 23 Oct.
Eventually Robert died on 11 Jan 1899 and in Reading, MO; and his second wife, Catherine passed away some time after 1883. RR Geery, as he usually styled himself, was named after both his maternal Grandfather, Reuben Parks, and after his father, Robert Geery.
After an appropriate sweetheart courtship of these teenagers, Reuben and Lucy were married on 25 Feb 1864 in Pike Co., MO. With the discovery of rich veins of gold, then silver, and then copper in a little known place that soon became the boom town of Butte, Montana, thousands of people from all over the world flocked to the newest strike zone to make themselves wealthy over-night. Reuben and Fanny had a young family at this time, but they were coming to the conclusion that their Missouri farm was not going to provide them with the life they wanted to live. Additionally some of Reuben’s brothers and sisters came to Montana with him, or shortly thereafter.
Reuben’s mining efforts didn’t pay off too well, and his farm, although pretty, didn’t provide all that much either, but his freighting job supplied his family with their basic needs.
After his death, Fanny went to live primarily with her married daughter, Mildred Geery Travers, who had married Reuben Travers on 6 Jan 1892. The second daughter, and third child of Reuben and Fanny Geery was Cora Bell, born 30 Mar 1869 in Pike County, MO. Cora grew up in a loving home where she was very close to her parents and siblings, but most especially to her only sister, Mildred. It wasn’t long before big, tall Jim Fitzpatrick noticed the pretty Cora Bell Geery, and he began to court her. The thoughts of a loving and kindly father, who could see the hand writing on the wall and knew he would soon be giving his daughter away to another man. Jim Fitzpatrick’s and Cora Bell Geery’s wedding was recorded in the new county courthouse located in Butte. The last two were twins, which were named after their mother, and her dear sister, who she sadly left behind near Butte.
Cora Geery Fitzpatrick, and her family were very happy in their Montana home, even though she was separated from the rest of her Geery siblings.
Soon the family doctor diagnosed her with colon cancer, and there was not much that could be done to help her. Left column is for John (himself), his first wife, Elizabeth Guthrie, and his mother Catherine Houts.
Right column has: His Mother, Catherine Houts Geery (entered twice) followed by his Father’s second wife, Hannah, and ending with his father, William Geery. Whether William participated in the Revolutionary War as a soldier, or not, is unknown, but it seems highly likely that he would have.  His older brother, John, was a soldier, and with the opposing British Army stationed in Philadelphia, a patriotic feeling filled the hearts of most able bodied Pennsylvanians, perhaps more so than from any other colony, outside of Massachusetts.
Reuben’s mining efforts didn’t pay off too well, and his farm, although pretty, didn’t provide all that much either, but his freighting job supplied his family with their basic needs.  With that being the case, he moved their residence from their Browns Gulch farm to the town of Rocker, about four miles west of Butte, where it was more convenient for him to spend time with his family.
Soon the family doctor diagnosed her with colon cancer, and there was not much that could be done to help her.  Cora passed away in Columbia Falls, MT on 8 Aug. We stand and sit together in the silence of our prayers and observe the vastness before us.
We chose on the same day, at the same time, to stop and to see the mountain and each other.
So often when I consider what experiences have shaped me, my thoughts bring up the men of my Life.

Today as I reflect more deeply about being shaped by experiences, it is the women who have continually touched my Life and who are held most deeply in my heart with gratitude. Perhaps the most overlooked experience-shaping women are all those who have given and received love without expectation of reward or credit. It is easy to believe that the opposite of love is hate and the opposite of fear is courage. This concept is difficult to accept if we equate fear to weakness and avoidance of physical harm as the only fear. So new were the views from this direction, I missed the path entrance that would take me on around the lake to the dam and back home. So there I stood wanting both things; to protect my knee and to know where I had missed the path. We stand face-to-face and as he explains the importance of getting his name right, the ancestors within him shine through the sincerity of his eyes and soft voice. He is a black man in the autumn of his life; and me, I guess most would say I am a white woman in the winter of mine.
On the one side of the giant curtain is the crowd; excited by the bright lights and colors they’ve come to see.
On the other side of the giant curtain, back-stage, are the performers, the animals, the equipment, and staffers who care for them. As the show ends and the rigging begins to come down, a young woman from the audience approaches; she asks if she can look down over the curtain to the back-stage area. In that moment, it occurred to me that I too had prepared at home in private, and then had come to the arena to perform my roles. During my journey home, the numbness was there inside me, and I sat with it feeling and thinking very little; just letting it be there. In those few minutes of deep pain followed by a sacred touch of deep healing, it seemed like my heart expanded and I was finally free of the past.
At this time of Thanksgiving, the promise of each moment fills my being with gratitude for my transformation from living in a bed of thorns to joyfully sharing a life lived fully. This week chatting with friends, someone said that I ran on my own time, and I said that I ran on kairos time. On my way home, I remembered that when my children were young, I told them that in order to use a word they needed to know how to spell it and what it meant. As chronos time passes, I want to be more awake to the kairos time in my life; to be so present in my life that I can feel each moment with clarity and gratitude. The instructor sent a supportive email, and I returned his email saying that changing my mind was not likely.
Happy New Moon!  Yes, today we are starting a new cycle of waxing moon which will last for two weeks until the moon becomes completely full and round on November 6.
If you are experiencing breakdowns, take it as a good sign.  You are on the right path!  Sometimes life can be so counter-intuitive.
Life may not be what you expected in the past, but it’s going to astound you with its abundance.
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Challenges bring us opportunities, but if we keep heading for the wrong direction, no matter what grand opportunities are brought to us, we would pass by the doors and plunge into a messy swamp, again and again. This entry was posted in live a happy life, live a healthy life, live a stress free life on October 9, 2014 by admin.
Welcome to a joyful October!  May this brand new month bring you peace and prosperity above and beyond your expectations. So here are 3 tips that I’ve found very useful in handling my own mistakes, and that I also give to others who come to me for consultation.
All traditions are going through the globalization process.  Everyone needs to learn to live and interact with others like a global citizen. That means we are in a process of learning about other cultures, other traditions, other people, and about ourselves as well.  And we need to have the compassion for ourselves and for each other in order to grow and experience our Oneness, and make it a life-enriching experience. This entry was posted in live a happy life, live a healthy life, live a stress free life on October 2, 2014 by admin. In this article, I want help you expand the ways you use your words so that you can experience more healing miracles in your life. Exercise is vitally important for both the physical health of your brain and for your emotional and mental health. Go to the most Spooktacular Halloween Costume Party in town and don’t forget to wear a costume.
Put on some hideous or funny masks on and drive around some busy streets in your town and look at people at intersections with your masks on. If you want to avoid crowds, stay home and chill by the fireplace with a glass of red wine and tell scary stories to the creepiest Halloween music you can find. Getting the pain or fear under control helps you to calm down and stay in control of your temper. Anything that takes your eyes or attention away from the road is a distraction and has the potential to cause an accident.
If you have children in the car, pull over if you need to turn and tell them to settle down or get back in their seat belts. If you are seeing all lanes of traffic and continually aware of the road you are on you will better be able to avoid an accident even if it’s another drivers fault. Not only could you lose your license, have your car impounded, go to jail and be fined, but you could also injure or kill another person. If you have an accident, your lawyer can help you deal with medical bills, court battles, and if you are at fault they may be even more important to you. On top of the tips above you want to make sure you check your lights often, top off fluids under the hood, check your oil and make sure your tires have ample pressure. We are using computer controlled technologies for almost everything these days from doing maths and simulation to exploring the edges of the Universe, from utilizing microscopes to using pacemakers. Please check out one of the most hilarious jokes called "Christmas Joke" to have a good laugh and get in the holiday spirit.
If you come across something really good at a buffet table, like frosted Christmas cookies in the shape and size of Santa, position yourself near them, and don’t budge. 1822 just a copule years after their arrival, much like Robert’s mother; and she was raised by her widowed mother, who died about a month after Sally was married. He speaks out of the stillness and says, “It is a blessed day and you are part of that.” I agree, shake his hand, and get into my car feeling at peace without further words. The strong Father figure, the older brother, the brother-in-law, the clever science teacher, my first mentor, my first love and my most current loves, my sons and grandsons by blood as well as those adopted within my heart have influenced my physical life in so many ways. First of course is my Mother, who gave me Life and taught me the benefits of caring for my body and my surroundings.
When she was a baby, our shared experiences taught me about determination and strength of purpose. In my Life they have been called friends, but that does not describe who they have been in my Life and how they have shaped my choices. It has been my choices in response to shared experiences that have shaped my sense of joy and meaning.
When examined closely as states of being, love and fear become each other’s opposite, and Life’s energy flows from us depending on which state is most prevalent.
He taught me the importance of being present and trusting that the experience I’m having with another will be the one we need.
One moment they are back-stage sharing and living their lives and the next moment they cross over and become their roles in the bright lights under the big top. Their faces are bright and concentrated with wonder as they gaze upon the incredible performers as they fulfill their roles. Compassion flooded my mind and body for all us humans that have harmed each other in ways we have not been able to say out loud; those who have numbed out for fear of feeling more pain than we could bare.
As I let go of the past and live more and more in the present, my bed has found a new home.
When asked what that meant, I gave the explanation that I had heard so many years ago and had embraced as my own definition of how I would like to live. If they did both of those things and still felt it was appropriate for their use, I was okay with that. As with much of my experience, the story of the stone came first and the wisdom of the stone followed in sometimes painful and sometimes amazing small steps. My process of co-creation with the stones inspired a poem and became a Mother’s Day present for my daughter.
The one thing I have learned is that abundance wears many faces, and when we focus on what we don’t have versus focusing on what we do have, we miss out on the blessings that have been given to us. Geery, that to the best of their knowledge and belief, the names of the heirs of John Geery deceased, and their places of residence are as follows: Robert Geery and Catharine Shotwell formerly Catherine Geery of Pike County and John G. Geery, that to the best of their knowledge and belief, the names of the heirs of John Geery deceased, and their places of residence are as follows:  Robert Geery and Catharine Shotwell formerly Catherine Geery of Pike County and John G. And although there is a summer breeze, the air surrounding him is quiet and filled with calm. The experiences we have shared have triggered within me the need to shrink at times and to grow by leaps and bounds at other times. Our relationship was sometimes contentious, which created in me a need to think for myself and to stand firmly within my choices. Together we have shared victories and defeats, wins and losses, and have stood together and faced our new futures with strength and resolve; a strength and resolve built on shared experiences and love for each other. So today, especially for the women who have deeply shared themselves and their experiences with me, I am filled with the shape of gratitude. On the back-stage side of the curtain there is the intimacy of close friends and family, sharing and contributing their talents to put on the greatest show possible.
The performers create their bigger-than-life magic for the center ring and my job is to protect their privacy and their illusion when they return to Life back-stage. It was amazing to see both sides of the curtain simultaneously and the miracle of transformation of those passing through.
Although I’m not sure what was going on with the others there, inside me was complete stillness and a growing numbness. The family portrayed was dysfunctional to say the least; it kept many secrets and the only emotions the members seemed free to share with each other were anger and disappointment. No matter how I sought comfort, it seemed I was lying in a “bed of thorns” and each movement tore at my soul; so many questions and no answers.
You may be thinking that all this remembering and romanticizing about a bed is just that; just thinking.
She said that chronos time was literally minutes and seconds as expressed on clocks and that kairos time was the time it took an egg to hatch, the time it took a leaf to fall from its branch, and the time it took for a butterfly to come into being. My fear of failure was more present than the stone before me, and my mind chatter was pervasive. I would try carving for 30 minutes at a time and see if my patience and energy could sustain that much effort.

Earlier when I read that Michael Angelo said, Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it, I knew intellectually what he meant. One should always be thankful for whatever has been bestowed upon us is surely by our creator who has predetermined every single aspect of our lives. My actions in response to those shared experiences have without a doubt had a profound part of shaping who I am and who I am becoming. Without any specific effort, she taught me to sing, to write poetry, to take risks, and to trust that being who I am will serve me best. They seem to have permanence, but when observed closely they are filled with cracks and colors created by their adjustments to their environment. These woods are familiar to me and so I turned and bushwhacked up through the trees back to my well-worn path. He and I are the collective experience of generations raised together separately, and within us both is the deep human need to know that we, all of us, matter.
And yet, here we are; two open hearts meeting through the experiences we have in common and our courage to be real in the presence of the other. When I left the arena, I gave thanks for the learning about illusion and intimacy that my visual Circus experience had offered. There was a residue of heaviness as I got into my car and began the long drive home over the mountain. It was the story of kept secrets, addictions, betrayals, separations, denials, suicide, and judgments. My heart began to beat harder, faster and my throat seemed closed to the air around me; breathing was difficult. Our level of healing comes in it’s own way and time and catches us when we are brave enough to experience the deeper pain and just be with it. In a flash of wisdom borne out of acceptance for what was not to be, a voice asked me to begin again and I responded. As it fell from its box, its pieces glistened as the sunlight entered the room and bounced and scattered along its surfaces. Her eyes sparkle and dance like stars filled with the enthusiasm and challenge of her youth. She tried to find it on the Internet without success so I said I’d find it and send her the web link.
Immediately I wanted to feel inside me when and where I had experienced a kairos time moment.
I had my stone, I had my photo idea, and I had determination to make something from this imperfect stone.
Now with the intimate experience of sharing and being open to the wisdom of the stone, I understand what he meant with my heart. But … we mature, and step out of our own narcissism, and learn to practice gratitude.
So live it to your best just by following some simple steps that can make your life easy, soothing, peaceful and so calm.Today I am showcasing 7 ways to live a happy life you can learn through the beautiful depiction of typography design posters. It was a painful time of self-discovery, and the process of change consisted of many small steps. As I arrived there, I wondered where I had made my mistake; but having a sore knee, thought perhaps I should continue the short distance to the dam and home.
Each time since when I’ve met someone for the first time, I have quieted my mind and truly listened. Role-playing is fun, exciting, entertaining, and requires support, practice and skill; however, being stuck in the illusion of a role makes intimacy impossible. These actions were stirred together with their suppressed feelings and the result was painful fear turned inward and then outward to rage. There was no place to go and nothing to do except to continue the long drive home in peace and gratitude.
She aspires to be a nurse and her warm infectious smile indicated she has the compassion and caring to become a very good one. The concept of kairos time came back to me often over the years since all the clocks in my house are set to a different chronos time, and I rarely know exactly what time it actually is.
The cleaning of the stone continued during this class and the stone began to have a nice curve about it.
Love of the work and stone replaced impatience and with the stone guiding me, we co-created an abstract shape that is called, Moth to the Flame. Remember if you have your ways to positivism then there is no alien power that can dare play or manipulate you.
Once I discovered through each small step that I could choose what I wanted to create, my Life began to evolve from a state of love more often.
It captures the water among its stones and sends the flowing bubbles into the valley creeks of my neighborhood, also called StoneyCreek. Here was the golf course, over here were the mountains, and there was a beautiful old tree. It’s about getting their name right because I care; and because in that very moment, there is something beyond their name that matters.
The performers are “just beings” in preparation for the roles they will play; most are in old jeans and baggy shirts and jackets. Another slightly older man, who moments before was giving his mom and dad a tour back stage, is now the lead clown contributing his gift of making people laugh to the mix. And piece-by-piece, it supported my soul’s restoration: I slept in it, ate in it, watched TV in it, cried in it, dreamed in it, wrote in it, and laughed in it. My internal clock is usually quite accurate enough for my purposes, and I don’t wear a watch, which pleases me greatly. A moment full of potential when I can go beyond thinking about something to feeling the importance of this moment in my life.
She taught me to accept responsibility, to not whine, and to love deeply in the face of loss and disappointment. Sometimes it rages in noisy cascades, and sometimes it forms quiet ripples over the stones.
A young mother becomes the center of attention as she commands enormous animals all around her and she sparkles without fear.
I can feel my heart beating and opening again to all the difficult and pleasant moments when I was at a crossroad and took a small step toward growth. Louis Missouri children and heirs of Mary Copelin formerly Mary Geery, and Jane Geery widow of the deceased. He talks about choices and consequences, and my energy quiets in memory of other such conversations. We take different paths at times, but we meet in the nurturing field of trusting the universal source of Life to sustain us.
Compassion, a state of love, for the part of me that still fears victimization brings me back again and again to the present moment; the only time and place where choice is possible. Some of the stones are tiny and some are boulders brought down from the mountain during long-forgotten storms. I hold them in my hand, I look at them, I cherish their beauty, and I do not compare them with any other stone I have seen. We tell each other about those we love and what sharing our lives with them has supported us in learning. Looking down as some beings perform in the bright lights of the big-ring and some beings stand ready back-stage awaiting their turn, the elephants, camels, horses, and dogs are brought into the dimly-lighted area and made ready for their curtain calls.
My intention was to stay with whatever was occurring in this moment for as long as it took to find compassion for the part of me that feels wounded by acts of past betrayal, my own and other’s. As she tested it out and smiled up at her Mom, my heart softened with tenderness and joy for the promise such young people represent. In some of those kairos time moments, chronos time stood still and in others, it raced ahead of me and I had to run to catch up. It wasn’t working, and after hours of grueling effort and messiness, my frustration level was high.
In him I see no self-pity only acceptance, and he shares how that acceptance has left him in such a peaceful place. This spot of nature is surrounded by a variety of trees that cast their shadows over me and everything else. We are human, we succeed and stumble, we need to feel we are seen for who we are right now, and we need to demonstrate to each other that we matter; and what seems to be my life lesson over and over again, your need is as great as my own. Some are running toward the dressing rooms, perhaps arriving late and rushing to make their curtain calls. Even now on cold winter nights, I sometimes take my books and curl up in its softness, fall into a peaceful sleep, and wake restored. I hit the chisel hard with a hammer and a large chip of stone sailed across the porch and away from the curvy part at the stone’s top; my design ruined. Live your life that itself becomes a source of motivation & inspiration for others as well. Some are dressed in black so they will be less visible as they come and go between the two worlds in support of the others. Kairos is pregnant time, the time of possibility—moments in our day, our week, our month, our year or our lifetime that define us. Defeated I laid down the tools, cleaned up the mess, put the stone in the garage, wrote the instructor an email, and quit the class.
So I share my love of nature and photography and how I am practicing staying in each moment to find the richness here while grateful for all that has come before and, as much as possible, staying open to whatever the future brings. The hillside behind the creek is eroding red Virginia clay made bare from it’s years of withstanding the water’s strength and speed. Some are warm, some are round, some are cool, some have deep crevices, and some are so smooth to the touch. The time flew by and without my knowing it three hours passed; the stone was beginning to form itself. He says, “Me too.” I tell him sharing the “photo of the day” with friends and family adds to my feeling of connectedness. Their body languages are telling their stories, which cannot be heard atop the arena because of the high-energy music that fills the air around and above both worlds.
They brought opportunity for change and I had the courage to embrace them, sometimes with eagerness and sometimes with trembling. The animals seem quiet for the most part from this distance and some of the people are petting them, grooming them, leading them, and seeing that they are made ready for the big center circle when it’s time for their performance on the bright side of the curtain.
Now and then a dog’s happy bark floats upward and is heard even at this distance high above them. Sometimes a sharp call or a loud giggle floats upward and fades before crossing the barrier of the curtain.

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