Married women often become puzzled and anxious about their marriage relationship because they don’t know how to properly communicate with their husbands. Although your marriage may be void of healthy and meaningful communication right now, you can do your part to help encourage communication.
If you have been arguing with your husband on a consistent basis, apologize to him for the things you know you did wrong. It will take time, effort, and creativity; but if you work at it on a consistent basis, you should see a breakthrough that can help to benefit your marriage. Although learning about your husband will require extra time, work, and humility on your part, it’s absolutely free!

If you, like myself, are the exact opposite of your husband, chances are you won’t agree with every opinion he has or every decision he makes. It’s one thing to have sex with your husband, but it’s another thing to give him your all! As a result your husband could shut down from the conversation and refuse to communicate with you at other times.
Being an active listener requires listening to your husband with an open mind and the proper attitude, whether you agree with him or not.
In fact, your willingness to apologize could in turn encourage him to do the same.) You may need to take some quiet time to consider where you were wrong, but it can be done.

Then let your husband know that you sincerely want to work with him to rebuild the love and respect in your marriage relationship.

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