May 02, 2014Nice town 10 minutes from Amsterdam and a way to really see a great Dutch town full of shopping, pedestrian precincts, restaurants and cafes all without the crowds of Amsterdam and easy to get to by train from the Central Station. The Haarlem city center is reminiscent of Amsterdam, but without the throngs of visitors and souvenir shops. This list contains restaurants in the greater Bruges area in Flanders (and beyond), where vegans are welcome. For an extensive list of restaurants IN BRUGES, see this page in the menu section on top of our blog. Vegan options a la carte, vegetarian menu can be veganised (request when making the reservation, preferably a week in advance). Note: we have recently been told by someone who visited this restaurant that Lan Na Thai apparently uses fish sauce in most vegetarian dishes.
Indonesian restaurant, vegan dishes a la carte, vegetarian rice table which can be made vegan, 27,5€. Vegetarian restaurant, with several vegan options. Nice food, nothing culinary special but enjoyable.

Thai restaurant in city center, vegetarian dishes available, of which most seem to be vegan. Vegan restaurant, world wide chain with many Loving Hut restaurants, lots of mock meats, no alcohol. Indonesian restaurant, just around the corner from event venue 13, vegetarian dishes available which can be veganised, 15-17€.
We appreciate restaurants taking the time to reply to our request, even if they answer they can’t provide a vegan menu (because it’s not their specialty, because they don’t know how, because it requires too much reorganisation, etc.).
But if you have a few days and want to immerse yourself in the local culture, don't miss Haarlem.
They are based on our personal experiences, restaurants which we have visited, or which we would like to go visit one day! If you have any suggestions, please let us know, so we can check it out and add them to the list! Vegetarian dishes on the menu, when we made the reservation, we asked whether vegan was possible, and that was ok.

But now that you mentioned Waaghals, it reminded me to add a few more restaurants in Amsterdam that we have visited but weren’t in the list yet!
In contrast to its more famous neighbor, Haarlem is very calm and collected, offering a more relaxing vacation spot. We are a vegetarian family and I often base our travels on where we will be able to find options.

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