The chefs and servers here at Buddha Bodai have been bringing you delicious Kosher, Vegan, and Buddhist meals since 2004. As for why there are 2 Buddha Bodai restaurants, that may remain a mystery for a little bit longer. After I gave my order, he asked me to leave the restaurant and come back when my order was ready. I have to give equal props to both restaurants for making sure I had utensils, condiments, and napkins.
Currently, no kosher restaurants exist in the once kosher-rich Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan.
Sklar proposed a menu centered on fish and vegetables, including vegan and gluten-free options, salads, pizza and sushi. Set in a restored 1927 dining car, this hip Williamsburg restaurant has a deceptively simple contemporary American cuisine menu attracting busy crowds at peak times and at night.
A good place for a quick stop due to its small size, but there is a small square right in front where you can enjoy this delicious pizza, with traditional flavors, at a low cost. El museo construido en el lugar donde se levantaban las Torres Gemelas del World Trade Center (WTC) abrio al publico el 21 de mayo, con seis dias reservados a las familias de las victimas, sobrevivientes, socorristas y vecinos del sur de Manhattan. Dani had noticed a few weeks ago in the back of a prominent NY Jewish newspaper that there were ads right next to each other for restaurants that seemingly looked identical, but their addresses differed.

Please be aware that our establishment and location (5 Mott St.) is one of a kind, and unaffiliated with any other restaurants.
I attempted to ask those that work in both restaurants, but their English is quite poor and I wasn’t getting any answers worth reporting here. I found this to be strange, never having been asked to leave a restaurant before while I was waiting for my food, but I took the time to look around the area and wandered into a few of the shops along the street.
With full restaurants I guess they dont care but I so wish these places wouldn’t be under the Cup K , but under someone who is more accepted by all Orthodox Jews. Kent Zhang who was the original owner of the original Bodai on Mott street was unceremoniously thrown out of his place by the landlords who took over the restaurant. The restaurant, which is very tentatively titled Grand and Essex Cafe, will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The staff are laid back, the old chairs comfy, and it's a great place to sit back and watch the Lower East Side go by. The decor is homely, with hardwood floors and an open kitchen serving up vegetable dishes, veggie burgers, tofu sandwiches and vegetarian BLTs with the hoise specialty The Bliss Bowl delivering a large portion of brown rice, beans, kale, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, tofu, seaweed and tahini. Approximately, 23 minutes later I head back to the restaurant, and as I approach the counter my food comes out of the kitchen.
It doesn’t look much like it would be a sit-down Chinese vegan restaurant from the look of it, but the place in nearly filled to capacity.

But if I had to choose between which one of these restaurants I would go back to I would have to pick the new Buddha Bodai.
KENT is the best [at the NEW Mulberry Street location] and not only did he leave the original restaurant, but the wait staff came with him! The inside wasn’t filled with many vegetables and was a little bland though the duck sauce seemed to take care of whatever the spring rolls were lacking in flavor. The inside of these had more vegetables than the original had and definitely had more flavors working together. The dough on these were thinner and more well done than the original Buddha Bodai’s, but there were too many different vegetables and spices on the inside.
After only 10 or so minutes, my food came out and I was on my way home (nearby in Lower Manhattan) to try all this food. The inside had a flavorful mix of vegetables, not too salty and had an all around good taste to them.
As I chew down on it, I can taste the veggie chicken and its flavorings and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

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