Melbourne’s food scene is renowned for its diversity and invention, and with a plethora of fresh places popping up across the city, there’s no shortage of vegan, organic and local produce to sink your teeth into. In the heart of North Carlton, Clay Fine Food and Health is a family-owned business specialising in organic produce, fine foods and health supplements. Since its opening in May 2012, The Staple Store has catered to Melburnians with simple and organic solutions for modern, busy lifestyles. Anita: I was a vegetarian for approximately 5 years and never thought I could become a vegan. Anita: I tend to cook simple vegetable dishes, lots of stir fry's, risotto's, soups and pasta's.

From the veggie-loving Northside to the smoothie-devoted Southside, we’ve picked our top five Melbourne health food stores – as well as some delicious, healthy treats to pick up along the way. Yong Green Food will please vegans and omnivores alike, uses organic ingredients wherever possible and caters to a variety of dietary requirements. The mastermind behind it all is Shannon Martinez, who also brought vegan Mexican restaurant, Smith & Daughters, to the neighbourhood. On selected evenings, the shop holds intimate Twilight Evenings for shoppers to ask questions and learn more about whole foods – and yes, there are samples!
The more I learnt about the dairy industry and the more time I spent with other activists and vegans I realised that it was hypocritical to call yourself an animal lover and still eat dairy.

So early this year I decided to become vegan and be true to my beliefs, it's almost a year now and it's a great way to live!

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