If you’re headed to the city, be sure you at least hit up one of these amazing vegan restaurants! Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, Rockin’ Raw is full of heart-felt, vegan dishes.
Spring Natural Kitchen uses fresh ingredients to surely please carnivores and vegans alike. Leave the chaos of New York City behind and come to Vatan Indian Vegetarian for an authentic experience.
Now that I am starving for raw kale salads, pizza, sushi, pasta, doughnuts and ice cream, it’s time to make another trip out to all of these vegan hot spots! By gifting a cookbook for the new year, you’re able to give your loved ones an all-in-one resource (with beautiful pictures at that) that will teach them impressive culinary skills like how to chiffonade basil, give them tips on how to stock the perfect vegan pantry and also inspire them out of a culinary rut. Being one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the US, the number of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants has skyrocketed.
Located in Park Slope Brooklyn, this cozy restaurant is a dream for those who are vegan, gluten-free, kosher or raw. Neither vegetarian nor vegan, Riverpark earns its points from being the closest to farm-to-table dining as you can get. Using many organic ingredients from Locusts on Hudson Farm in the Hudson Valley, this restaurant offers farm-to-table food in an elegant and sophisticated manner. Whether vegan or not, sushi lovers can all agree that Beyond Sushi has transformed typical, fishy rolls to vegetable masterpieces. With a casual setting, it’s an awesome place to meet with friends for a late night bite or fun, relaxed dinner. Made with soy, coconut or almond milk, the sorbet-only days for vegan cold treats are gone.

Although the restaurant is not strictly vegan, there are over seven different vegan pizzas to choose from on top of create-your-own pizza. While there are far more mouthwatering restaurants out there in the big city, these are just some of the places that are not only creating bangin’ vegan food, but are also making positive and healthy impacts on the planet through their food. Manhattan has many vegan restaurants that have been around for years, and are beloved by every plant-based eater, including upscale, well-known restaurants such as Candle 79, Blossom, and Caravan of Dreams. With so many amazing places to choose from, here is a list of just some of the most up-and-coming vegan-friendly restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn today. Home to the largest urban farm in New York City, Riverpark uses all of their vegetables, herbs and spices from the farm that is actually on their property. Using nutrient- dense vegetables such as sweet potatoes and offering black or six grain rice as an alternative to white, Beyond Sushi is health-orientated and truly offers the greenest of rolls. This vegetarian all-star sources all of its condiments and pickles in house or from the locally owned Brooklyn Brine. The menu has an extensive vegan section with options such as veggie burgers, stir fries and hearty salads. Some stand out vegan toppings include fennel sausage, cashew ricotta, jackfruit and vegan tomato sauce. While well known for being groundbreaking in original vegan restaurants, there are many more hidden, upcoming restaurants in Manhattan and the outer boroughs of the city that are well worth getting to know as well. All locally owned, sourced from fresh ingredients, and crafted for all walks of life, these restaurants are the perfect place to visit when you want really good, fresh vegan food. The menu consists of many different meat and fish options, however there are also fresh pasta dishes available and almost any dish can be made to fit a vegan diet. There is a brunch, lunch and dinner menu, and also an extensive beer menu as the restaurant works with many craft breweries.

The restaurant is based on the philosophy of building hand crafted, healthy meals that are timelessly delicious. Vatan has vegan options to choose from including toor dal, chana masala and samosas, and the waitstaff is extremely helpful with dietary restrictions. While the restaurant is small with just a few tables, the beauty of the food makes up for this. The restaurant also has fresh squeezed juice, smoothies, gluten and nut free baked goods, and to-go foods. The menu is ever-changing due to seasonal produce on the farm, but some vegan-friendly dishes that stand out are Zucca Squash Pasta and theRoasted Cauliflower Steak.
Besides the food, the most amazing part of Vatan Indian Vegetarian is the inviting atmosphere of the interior. Although DF Mavens isn’t the first vegan-friendly ice cream store in New York City, it is still without a doubt continually upgrading the delicious taste of vegan, frozen delights. Come to Jivamuktea and you’ll not only experience incomparable vegan food, but also a little more inner peace and quiet. They nail the crust and have perfected the dough to sauce to topping ratio. Plus, there is a vegan dessert pizza.

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