The last time I posted Awesome Books coupons, I received a really good response from the community!
Awesome Books is one of my favourite places to buy books because they are very affordable, offer free shipping across Canada on orders of two or more books, and they have the UK covers for books which often look so much better than the US versions.
Excellent place to buy textbooks, and the marketplace sellers can give you a great price on used and new textbooks as well. I mentioned Awesome Books just recently as an international (UK) book store that sells new and used books at good prices. So my brother-in-law Henry told me about this place after we shared Awesome Books with him. Receive 10% off when you order three or more books from their used and bargain bin sections.
I am, ( to my wife’s unhappiness ) a HUGE book lover & reader and these codes make my favorite hardcovers AFFORDABLE to me. Right now they have two really remarkable offers that I wanted to share, where you can get four books for the price of three or get 20% off your order. Their free shipping to Canada on book orders of two or more is really worth its weight in gold, and with the school year coming up I often turn to book companies like these for my books.

I have bought many a used textbook off of Kijiji, usually I can get decent prices, but do price compare because sometimes students are asking almost full price.
Usually it is far cheaper to buy your textbooks from these websites than your University’s bookstore. They shipped very quickly and the books arrived in excellent condition, especially for used books!
So far I have placed an order with Awesome Books: and received one of the books so far, it was in excellent condition. Also, sometimes they get books before we do, or have books that you can’t find in Canada that easily. You can build up a beautiful library with used books, and sometimes save yourself up to 90% off the cover price.
As I am an English major I am often reading old novels and books that I can get for pretty cheap from companies like AwesomeBooks. I see a LOT of students every year paying full price for their textbooks in the University Bookstore, when a little work on the computer, a credit card, and a few hours would be sufficient to get them massive discounts. You can search for books and buy from Alibris, or you can note the name of the seller and try to find out if it is cheaper through their own store (if they have one).

I just got emailed an awesome 20% off coupon code to be used on any bargain bin or used books. Personally, I find their prices are sometimes a bit higher than Awesome Books, but they do have a good selection and I was pleasantly impressed.
Awesome Books makes book giving easy: the books are cheap, and they ship for free to Canada. I’m not sure what non-geeks look for in used books these days, but my recent obsession is Asterix. A bonus for the Book Depository right now though: they have a coupon code for 10% off, no minimum.

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