There are so many things we never considered when trying to save money on our electricity bill.
I have never bothered with saving money, since my income is pretty good and I have no debt to care for. Oh dear, this reminds me of a friend of mine, who I love dearly but she is one of the most irresponsible people I know, when it comes to saving money on electricity!
Heating and cooling costs are actually the top two categories that may be eating up your money.
We put a few tips to help conserve , save 10 Tips to save Energy and MOney. Simple acts in everyday life Simple and efficient ways to save both money and energy. This is why knowing few tricks to save money on electricity can clear up some cash each month, that can be further saved, spent to pay off remaining debt or just to have some fun. Use the lights only when needed – if you can still find your way into the room and not need to turn on the lights, you can save money on electricity like that. Buy LED or CFL light bulbs – they are a bit more expensive, but they last longer and help you save more energy than incandescent lights. Keep the porch light off – if you have some decent lighting from the street lights, no need to use more electricity just to turn on your own porch lights.

Unplug the devices you are not using – just keeping them turned off still uses up electricity, unless you have a switch on the power strip. Let food defrost in the freezer – it will help it cool down the fridge and this will save money on electricity.
Keep dryer lint trap clean – a clean lint trap allows for the moisture to leave the dryer faster and save you money. Get a gas stove if possible – cooking with electricity can be pretty expensive, so, if you can secure a gas stove, choose that instead. Try to avoid heating with electric energy – if possible, avoid electricity when it comes to heating up your house.
Use a manual can opener –  no need to use electricity for something that takes you few seconds even with a manual can opener. Have bread, not toast – this would save power, since toast does use electricity to get prepared.
Shovel snow by hand – a snow blower uses a lot of energy, you can save it and get a good workout by shoveling snow on your own.
Adjust the fan speed – if you live in a dry area, you will need the fan to run fast, but otherwise you can still keep cool and save energy.

Make your own electricity – while not suitable for every household, this would help you become more self-sustaining and save money on electricity.
Use a solar cooker – will need sunlight and cook your food without needing any other form of energy (so no electricity either).
There are things we are doing (and they keep our electricity bill to a decent level), but there’s clearly room for improvement. Unless you do need to use the garage, using the main door will not use any energy, thus saving you money. Of course some of the tips might not save as much electricity, but anything counts at the end of the day. There are so many things we can do to save money, it’s just a lot of work to know them and also be consistent enough to apply the knowledge.

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