Some of my favorite travel sights are the surprises - colorful doors and other things we "happened upon".
A good friend once told me that travel is one of the best family investments that you can make.
There is the anticipation which can make you happy for months, there is the experience which can change your life, and then there are the memories, which bind and sustain your family for years to come.
Because when you are 8 and on an Island and someone hands you a massive Parrot, you have to go with it.

Here are a few memorable family travel quotes that made me laugh and inspired me,  along with some shots from our recent family journey.
It's a little ironic to apply a Kerouac quote to my suburban familia but the sentiment is spot on. I actually found this dropped memory card on the streets of Rome and was heartbroken that it might contain precious family travel photos from a family like ours.
I'm so proud of the way my sons embraced new experiences so enthusiastically while traveling.

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