For those who have been dreaming of an exotic unique wedding and still haven’t made their decision on the location we are here to introduce you some ideas of how to plan an overseas special event. To make your wedding dream come true make sure that the photographer is very experienced and that he or she works with the latest technology. This means that you must start looking for a good band at least two months prior to the wedding because it is very hard to find an experienced band available for your wedding date. Finally, we would like to add one more things, namely that your friends would be delighted if you would give them the possibility to taste some of the best traditional South African food.
Get a weekly list of wedding links, goodies and bargains found around the internet by Jenny! The Wedding Specialists wants to be a great destination for anyone looking to make the best of the best day of a lifetime. Whether you love color, pattern, or simple elegance you can find it in both the traditional and inspired African American wedding dresses. Traditional gowns like the ones above contain essential elements of the African wedding attire which is made of several components.
The ethnic inspiration in these dresses draw from the traditional African wedding dresses which are less formal and the colors are more festive using the color red (for the blood that was shed) and gold (for prosperity).
I am planning to renew my vows and I would love to wear an African Infused Wedding Dress for the event.

Nahid Farhoud founder and owner of Wedding Elegance by Nahid is internationally recognized for combining passion for design and decor with her extensive knowledge of different cultures, to create wedding events that are unique, festive and memorable. Here at Wedding Elegance By Nahid, we love to help our couples infuse blended cultures into their wedding day. South Africa has become a top-rated country and its beaches and forests the most hunted wedding locations. As a way to pay homage to your ethnic background or your husbands, you can infuse aspects of the traditional African wedding dress into your gown.
The head wrap, or gele, is made from 3 to 5 yards of fabric  and for a more traditional looking veil some brides will add 5 to 10 yards of tulle.
Traditionally many brides also had their attire done with white, usually with gold or silver accent to appear more bridal. We have a decade of experience in ensuring that traditions are respected and incorporated into one wedding that will be memorable to our couples, their families, and their guest. So, either you opt for a beach wedding or a hotel one, make sure that everything looks the way you always wanted. Also, they prefer normal accommodations over expensive hotels simply because this is the best way you can get in touch with the country’s tradition and nature, and even with the people.
Although there are many components and aspects to a traditional African wedding dress, you can add cultural nuances with color, patchwork, beads and pearls and gold trim.

This means that you should choose the best wedding planner possible, otherwise you might face unpleasant situations and this is the last thing you want to hear about when it comes to wedding. Secondly, the wedding planner must be the best one in the region and if you find it difficult to opt for a good wedding firm ask your friends and guests.
Since you have a consistent budget for the wedding make sure that the music will impress the many.
Many couples complained about their wedding DJ because at some point he looked very bored and unable to entertain the guests and this is by far the last thing you want to face at your wedding. Search or advertise anything regarding Weddings and Honeymoons anywhere in South Africa for free on Howzit! So, if you have enough money to spend on a traditional band this will help you to get a 100 percent South African wedding.

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