The post No Connection Outside the Bedroom – Episode 149 appeared first on Stupendous Marriage. The post When Should We Start Having Babies – Episode 148 appeared first on Stupendous Marriage. On this episode of the Stupendous Marriage Show, Stu and Lisa talk about Inlaws that are causing issues in marriage. The post Inlaws Causing Issues In Marriage – Episode 144 appeared first on Stupendous Marriage. Our friend Julie Sibert at Intimacy In Marriage has been running an awesome series this summer about things that destroy sex in a marriage. We will still take emails, and we will probably post some during the breaks – maybe new blog posts or highlighting other marriage encouragers that we know! On this Show Stu and Lisa Talk about their month of June (it was a doozy!) and they chat a little about the recent SCOTUS ruling on Same Sex Marriage.
Caring for family members can put a strain on marriages… That’s what we are talking about this week!
The post Money and Marriage – A Stupendous Again Show appeared first on Stupendous Marriage. The post 138 – Every Discussion is an Argument with His Wife appeared first on Stupendous Marriage. The post Stupendous Again: An Attitude Shift in Marriage appeared first on Stupendous Marriage. On this Stupendous Marriage Show, Stu and Lisa talk about turning 40, unmet expectations, and a wife wants to get her husband interested in things she wants to do. Historically people who climbed to the top have chosen two ways, basically, to govern others -- with some form of absolutism or constitutionalism. Obstacles to Nation Building: Building a centralized government in most “nations” (the word was not yet coined nor widely comprehended) was faced with numerous obstacles, not the least of which was the fact that in most countries people spoke numerous dialects, making nation-wide communication very difficult. In attempting to deal with these problems, monarchs turned to either absolutism or constitutionalism to form effective governments. The rules or laws are applied arbitrarily and seldom apply to those at the top, especially the monarch or emperor.
Problem solving is by issuing edicts and pronouncements, by creating more administrators, creating a larger bureaucracy, and levying heavier taxes on the people to pay for the expenses of the absolute ruler(s).
Those governed have little participation in government, little input into law-making (unless through protests and demonstrations), and have to simply yield and be satisfied with what is handed to them from the absolute ruler and the top. Problem solving is carried out by elected representatives and officials appointed by those elected representatives.
When a problem occurs or a major issue must be decided, the will of the people is protected by a Constitution and requires that they be allowed to express that will through special votes or referendums. Using new and expanded powers under the regency of Richelieu the central government took the eyes of the people off of problems at home (hunger, inflation, an unresponsive and “distant” government) by expanding war against the Habsburgs in Austria and Germany, foes who Cardinal Richelieu hated. James was angered by the petition, accusing the House of Commons of getting involved in matters than were reserved only for the king -- foreign policy and marriage of the king.

1588 -- Spanish Armada -- Philip determined to make Elizabeth and England pay for Henry’s offense against Catharine of Aragon, for treatment when husband of deceased Mary I, for Elizabeth’s spurning of his marriage offer, and for her aiding the rebels in the Netherlands. Take workers' concerns seriously and listen to any alternative suggestions they might have; you never know, they might have the answer to all the problems!
We’ve all had those moments in our marriage where it seems like everything is perfectly synchronized.
Unmet expectations, lazy and or harsh communication, too little time in the Word and with Jesus and voila, back down to the path of frustration we go. I laugh thinking about this, but in our first years of marriage, I use to believe that I could avoid conflicts. By His grace we get opportunities to respond more like Him, through the high mountain tops and the lowest of valleys.
I want to be clear that intimacy is one of the blessings from our gracious God when our marriage is centered on him: intimate communication, intimate connection, and of course, intimate (amazing) sex.
When we are on the same wavelength and in harmony with the way He created our marriage to be, intimacy happens naturally. Having headed up the strategy and communication unit at a non-governmental organisation (NGO) for five years now, I see coordination, integration and communication as key to organisational success.
It might seem obvious that coordination, integration and communication are crucial elements of any striving organisation, but common sense is not always common practice. An organisational calendar, regular communication about whereabouts of teams and type of work conducted enables an organisation to understand how its different parts operate. Electronic communication, social media interactions and information overload add enormous amounts of workload to our workdays. Emails are at the centre of internal communication and an important asset for record keeping. Practical application of organisational coordination, integration and communication can become great assets if implemented with drive and passion. Carolin Gomulia is the Senior Programme Head for Communication and Strategy at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation. We talk sex, kids, inlaws, money, communication and anything else about building a stupendous marriage.
There are too many people smarter than me, beginning to come out and say what a problem it is on many levels. The problem that continually checked the growth of constitutionalism in England was the concept held by the Tudor and Stuart dynasties was the divine right of kings. The nobility in Hungary proved a real problem because they resisted Austrian control, rebelled whenever possible, and as Calvinists resisted the attempts to impose Catholicism on them. Employers should let all staff members know the dates of the shutdown as soon as possible, explain whether holiday should be saved to cover the period and should encourage those who have a problem with using their holiday in this way to discuss this as soon as possible.
We've been married almost 12 years, and we've realized many struggles and victories in our marriage. In my experience most organisational problems and challenges are related to a lack of one of these three.

In an organisational context, communication refers to the interaction and flow of information between internal and external stakeholders through various channels.
The marriage was subsequently annulled by the pope in 1599 after Henry IV conveniently converted to Catholicism in 1593 (confiding at the time to a friend, “Paris is worth a mass”). His marriage to Catherine of Aragon and struggles for an annulment are discussed in Unit 17.
Catherine was given funding and housing for life after her marriage to Henry was annulled by Pope Clement VII. You were recommended by the estate agent and I am pleased with the level of communication and help. Honoring God with our marriage, wanting to sanctify the other so we are pleasing to God is our goal.
Effective communication requires both technical resources and that staff understand the value of different types of interactions. His marriage with Margaret was not a successful marriage, with both Henry and Margaret often separating and engaging in infidelity. Marriage is definitely a sanctifying process, and although it is messy sometimes it is beautiful, like nothing else.
That is, electronic communication and record keeping can be as important as face-to-face time in structured and unstructured meetings. She was in real turmoil because her work entailed a lot of email communication and she struggled to manage her emails effectively.
Secondly, initiatives to foster coordination, integration and communication need perseverance.
Central governments attempted to deal with the increasing problems of stagnation and decline by (1) building larger armies, (2) forming larger bureaucracies, (3) raising greater taxes to pay for the armies and bureaucrats, and (4) generally creating a stronger central sovereignty by also controlling the military, economy, production, the court system, and in most cases, religion.
This second marriage produced six children, including Henry’s heir to the throne, Louis XIII. The House of Lancaster won the battle in 1485, and then reconciled the two family lines through marriage. The vastness of the empire, poor communication, and poor transportation further hindered Russia’s development. In this paper I attempt to offer some practical suggestions into how coordination, integration and communication can help to improve the working environment within a NGO. However, for communication to work well, roles and responsibilities about who has to communicate what, when and how, has to be clear. I am hoping that the soon to be introduced intranet will make a shared organisational calendar possible so that we can improve coordination and communication for all staff and avoid the frustration of ongoing date clashes. Marriage was never really consummated because Henry was displeased with her almost immediately after the wedding.

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