Between school work, studying, extracurricular activities, and finding time for a social life, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of everything.
As a pretty messy person in general, getting organized seemed like an impossible feat at first, like teaching-my-dog-to-do-my-homework-for-me impossible. When I first started high school, I had a rough time figuring out how to fit everything in, not to mention which assignments were due when.  My school had the very clever idea of giving us agendas at the beginning of the year.
However, with a few tips and tricks I gathered from my friends, suddenly getting organized seemed vaguely possible. Choose different colored highlighters for different assignments to make them easier to spot.
This allows you to easily see what you have left to do for tomorrow and makes it perfectly clear when you’ve finished everything for the night.

If you have a really big test coming up in the next few days, leave a sticky note by your mirror or on your desk to remind you to study for a little while. Over the years, I’ve found which tricks work best for me and thanks to my super awesome new skills, I have two months of high school left and I’ve kept my head above water. It’s the perfect tool for planning all of your academic engagements and your social engagements. Whenever I have an important event for the next day, homework I need to get from the printer, or clothes I need to pack for my dance classes, I write it down on a sticky note and put it on my door, right above the door knob.
Keeping your life organized helps you budget your time and reduce that overwhelming list to a manageable one.
That way, when I drag myself out of bed in the morning, I’ll remember to get what I need for my day, even in all of my pre-coffee, zombie-like glory.

Always leave a little more time than you think for studying or homework will take just in case.
Use one for all types of events during the week or the weekend and you will easily be able to plan ahead and prepare for your week.

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