Consisting of interactive lectures and presentations, participants will developtheir confidence levels through stand-up presentations, both group and individual-based.
One of the most frequent questions people ask me is how to improve their public speaking skills. This entry was posted in Clear the path and tagged ken okel, public speaking, 3 tips for better public speaking, public speaking coaching, Conference leadership speaker. Reduce Public Speaking Anxiety: Public Speaking Tips To Tackle Fear & Anxiety and Empower Your Life! I’ve found that they can help beginners and those who are more comfortable speaking in front of a group.

You can build confidence if you practice the start of your talk to the point that you can say it in your sleep. As you speak more, you gain greater confidence and self esteem, you gain self-knowledge and enlightenment, you improve your research skills, you are able to organize your thoughts better, you develop your power of persuasion, you are able to inspire others, you become a better conversationalist, you increase your visibility and in turn open more doors of opportunities and the list goes on! I’ve been practicing speaking in front of audiences (whether in front of them or on TV) for 20 years. I’ve learned that three simple tips can boost your confidence and ultimately help you give a much better presentation. The way you talk and present yourself to the world still holds much importance because it can inspire confidence and gains your listeners trust.

How to motivate and inspire people so that they give you their full and undivided attention as you talk; how to present yourself to the world in way that exudes confidence in yourself and trust in others. So if you want to learn some good tips on how to improve your public speaking skills, this is the book for you!

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