In an article recently published by The Atlantic, Julie Beck puts a name to something we can all relate to – the backburner. By: Carla Swiryn, Three Day Rule Matchmaker In the quest to find someone who complements you, challenges you positively and helps you grow, most people don’t pay attention to the level of introversion or extroversion in their partner. Let’s face it – putting yourself out there isn’t always easy, and going on bad date after bad date can take a toll on your psyche.

Everyone has been cooped up (for what feels like years) and is finally ready to get out there, enjoy the sun, and meet new people.
A backburner is the type of person you have flirted with or might have previously dated, but aren’t interested in pursuing actively. Watch what happens when we fill out our Three Day Rule dating profiles for each other while we sip on some chardonnay…because friends don’t let friends date alone!

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