Self-help and personal development are big business, but lasting change doesn't come as quickly and easily as we've been led to believe. While Vespasian says ambitions are great, he notes that not everyone has the skills to be an opera singer or ballet dancer.
You can learn good ideas and examples from other people, but your path to personal development is going to be unique.
From big ideas like balancing work and life to small, everyday choices, we discover how talented people are so effective at what they do.
There are plenty of books and workshops that promise to change your life in five quick and easy steps.
The promise that you could improve your life simply by thinking positively is enticing, but Vespasian says the truth is that rationality is the only workable approach to personal development.

Subjectivist phrases such as, "If you think it, you can do it," and "Everything is possible if you just go for it," are common among those who tout the powers of positive thinking. If you boost your self-esteem substantially, for example, the increase in confidence may lead you to apply for a job in another city, or quit your job altogether and start your own business. While mind hacks may give you some small improvements in your life, they keep your life pretty much as it is. But before investing your time, money, and energy in programs that promise to give your life a new start, John Vespasian, author of On Becoming Unbreakable: How Normal People Become Extraordinarily Self-Confident, says we need to be aware of the myths and misconceptions about personal development if we want to make real change in our lives. Just like adopting a language requires learning the structure of the language, the key to long-term personal improvement is about learning better principles. True personal development, however, enables you to identify your lifelong dreams and pursue them.

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