Colin is near the top of folks I know with the vibrant life experience and humble confidence to take on giant quality of life issues like our environmental impact and consumer-focused culture. It’s not just me who thinks Colin can deliver the goods and is a dynamite all-around guy. Kristel, I receive that both personally and on behalf of all the awesome folks who listen to the show. If you’re not already subscribed for automatic notifications of a new show, please do so with one of the links below.
If you enjoyed this specific episode or the Smart and Simple Matters show in general, I always appreciate an honest iTunes review on this page. Write a review with whatever title you like, whatever length you have time for, and give the show an honest rating. The post How to Be Alive and Embrace Your Personal Power with Colin Beavan – SASM 090 appeared first on Value of Simple.
Whether you crank us up or bang a bong before we get it on, be ready for some quick and consistent mindfulness. I think this is a rare quality in a host, and it is extremely conducive to being inspired by the guests he has on the show. The post 5 Secrets to Quick and Consistent Mindfulness with Toku McCree – SASM 089 appeared first on Value of Simple. The transcript will not be available until I find a new transcriptionist (if you know someone good, let me know). I was innocently browsing the archives of a new blog I found called Reading for Your Success and I came across a golden review of Keith Ferrazzi’s Never Eat Alone.

Never Eat Alone did change the game for me and it’s in my top five books of all-time.
He and I eventually became friends, but it was the world of passionate work and deep connections that mattered even more to us. Sadly (a serious understatement), Scott was killed in mid-September 2015 in a freak accident near the summit of Mt. As Scott made abundantly clear, who you surround yourself with and how you bring people together makes all the difference. Press play and discover what one wild adventurer did and means to the world … and how he changed my work, relationships, and life forever. Sweet sassy molassy, Chloe, those are powerful words that get me revved up every time I think about them.
I’m giving you the behind-the-scenes tour of the SimpleREV 2015 event, so c’mon inside!
If you enjoyed this specific episode or the Smart and Simple Matters show in general, I always appreciate when people go to the iTunes page and leave an honest review. And if you have someone or something you’d like us to cover on an upcoming show, tell us in the comments below. The post How 241 Post It Notes, Candid Stories, and Huggr Power Changed 55 Folks (#SimpleREV 2015 Recap) – SASM086 appeared first on Value of Simple. The answer to these questions is a resounding no according to my guest for this episode, Greg McKeown, the respected author of Essentialism.
Unfortunately (or fortunately if you ask me), the 21st Century is no longer about the American Dream and a formulaic path to get there.

He’s been featured in places like The Colbert Report, lives with his daughter in and around New York City, and is a Dharma teacher in the Kwan Um School of Zen.
Every single review is a huge help, lets others find the show more easily, and generates a ton of gratitude!
He always listens carefully and gives his full attention to the speaker (not waiting to chime in with a witty remark just for the sake of hearing himself speak). I’ve been flying through the episodes, and I fear the day there is no more backlog left for me to plow through. If you get nothing else out of this episode though, take the challenge to find your own version of Scott Dinsmore. You’ll hear about the amazing team of volunteers who brought us together for a truly transformational two days. She took a picture of herself listening to SASM in the wild and we get to enjoy her alpacas, garden, and smile. Greg and the way of the Essentialist intentionally moves things forward so you discern what’s most important.

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