And what a read this little gem of a book is! In it we learn about the story of a young camel boy (Hafid) who is given a set of scrolls in which he learns the secrets of sales and success. Its not only I who feel very strongly about this book because when you first start paging through it you see a veritable whose who of the business world (past and present) also commenting and praising the profound impact this book had on their lives. So to say that you are in good company when reading this book and its sequel is no understatement!
In Chapter eight of the book we are presented with the first of the scrolls that the young Hafid reads.

A refreshingly different approach from the vast majority of self help books with all their rules and ideas.
This scroll is more of an instructional one telling the young boy how to use the remaining scrolls.
By weaving in an interesting story that is linked to the Biblical time of the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem it gives the book a point of difference and intrigue, which I really enjoyed.
In it he is told to read each scroll three times a day (morning, noon and evening) for a period of 30 days before proceeding to the next scroll.

Maybe it is to find that perfect job or even to find the love of your life and the principles contained in this book are so much more than being simply limited to the interests of commerce and profit. This is so that the wisdom of the scrolls becomes part of the very fabric and thinking of the person who reads it, in this case you and Hafid.

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