Many books have been written about inward prayer, or meditation, but Joel Goldsmith’s classic, The Art of Meditation, presents meditation not as a theory, but as a joyous and rewarding experience.
Goldsmith says that on the whole, the world has no knowledge of God as the living Power and Presence with Whom we are one. The Art of Meditation gives the reader careful instructions about how to undertake the beautiful spiritual practice of daily meditation.

One of the best known volumes of Goldsmith’s work, The Art of Meditation is one of the four foundational books in the Infinite Way teachings. All of Joel Goldsmith’s recordings can be ordered in tape, CD, or MP3 format at The Infinite Way website.
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At some moment in that quietude, when human thought is stilled and the noise of human living is hushed, the God-experience comes in.

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Eat food. mostly plants. not a lot