Learn more about our audio programs for meditation, stress management, and personal growth. Qi Gong and Taoist Meditation classes offer instruction in multiple health exercises that will calm the mind, relax the body, strengthen and nourish the organs, and combat the effects of stress and aging. Central to the development of Qigong and Taoism in pre-historical times is the mythical figure known as The Yellow Emperor (Huang Ti, Huangdi) circa 2700 BC. Master Jan Silberstorff returns to San Diego to offer seminars in Chen style Taijiquan and Taoist Philosophy.
Version 1: Probably the most popular, or at least the most practiced, form of Cobra Breath sadhana is to practice Cobra Breath as a meditation technique by oneself. Awakening with the obvious evidence of some nocturnal sexual process could be confusing to a simple Taoist living at the dawn of recorded history. Of course, in ancient pre-battery operated times, The Taoists and Tantriks developed a high sexual and spiritual technology.
In prehistoric China, the precursor to Qigong (Chi Kung, Chi Gung) and other Taoist practices was basically shamanistic in nature.

Jan is a highly accomplished martial artist and published author of several books on Chen style Taijiquan and Taoism.
No particular materials are required; one just practices the Cobra Breath as a meditation and internal energy technique for awakening the higher chakric centers, particularly the third eye and the Mouth of God.
Some Taoist lineages promote exercises to diminish menstruation, reserving and recycling the energy that would be lost through the menstrual blood. It is the function of any type of Kundalini work, whether Taoist, Tibetan, or Tantric, to increase energy and consciousness, burn karma, and set ourselves free. Preference is given to artists and artisans that have one or more of these qualities: Spiritual connection, Taoist, Tantra, Eastern (Hindu, Tantric, general Oriental) sensibilities. Karma burning is best accomplished through deep meditation with a guru and, to some extent, through body centered psychotherapy such as Bioenergetics. Hatha yoga alone is not enough, one must be able to enter into deep states of meditation while staying totally present. In addition, through the practice of Taoist sexology and certain Tantric Kundalini techniques, the Jing or Ojas can be withdrawn from the semen, preventing its depletion.

If too long a time elapses between ejaculation, the body may tend to take control with the cooperation of the subconscious, hence the nocturnal emissions that gave the ancient Taoists such concern. Yoga and Taoist practices share many similar techniques and paradigms while also having both subtle and dramatic differences. To try to concisely compare these practices is difficult because of the immense diversity and history of both the Hindu and Taoist theology, sociology, and methodology. Later this led to the development of the theories of Taoism (Daoism) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

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