There is a growing number of patients seeking weight loss surgery, as a last resort to tackle their weight and health problems. Email your questions, call us or simply book a consultation to discuss your weight loss treatment options. There are some basic requirements that must be met before you can have weight loss surgery in the United States. Often the first point of contact with you and your new surgeon is at a weight loss surgery seminar.
Most insurance companies require you follow a 6 month physician supervised diet prior to surgery.
But this does not mean, every patients is necessarily ready, or prepared for the life changes post surgery. At the time of consultation, the weight loss surgeon and dietitian, will advise patients to stop smoking, start exercising and eating a healthier diet before undergoing surgery.
Patients who drink are more susceptible to other health issues and especially after surgery.
As with all surgeries, it is important to understand what the results will be post surgery.
This list shows if weight loss surgery is a covered benefit, the criteria that is needed for approval, and other key requirements for coverage.

You’ll get an overview of the procedures offered and have a change to talk with the surgeon. This article will prepare you with questions you must ask your surgeon to ensure you’re in good hands. Vuong offers pertinent psychological and self-improvement tips that are necessary for success after weight loss surgery, which is a rarely covered topic. Duc Vuong is a bariatric surgeon and director of Lovelace Bariatrics in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Weight loss surgery such as the gastric bypass make it easier for alcohol to be absorbed after shortening the digestive track.
Most weight loss surgery patients, including gastric band patients, will take up to 2 years to lose all their excess weight. While paying cash makes getting to the operating table faster and easier, it’s worth it to find out if your insurance carrier covers surgery for morbid obesity.
Your surgeon’s office should have a specialist to help guide you through the process.
Drawing on his professional experience working with obesity patients and his own personal journey for enlightenment, he has provided a concise yet profound manual for losing weight and gaining enlightenment.
He is an expert in the psychological aspects of obesity and has developed an intensive perioperative educational program that prepares his patients for success after weight loss surgery.

It is important to have a thorough consultation prior to the surgery to understand the full implications and commitments needed.
This is a prerequisite in the NHS and in most private practices including the Harley Street Bariatrics, Weight Loss Clinic. Plus generally, alcoholic drinks are high in calories which will interfere with your weight loss. This book deals more with what really matters after weight loss surgery--how to change your mind and hence your perception of reality.
Plus you will start your diet routine earlier which will be easier to keep up, after your surgery.
Whether you are a newbie to weight loss surgery, a seasoned dieter, or just someone seeking enlightenment, this book is a must read. Vuong is an internationally renowned bariatric surgeon and the current director of Lovelace Bariatrics in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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