You can honestly have a stunningly beautiful wedding without breaking the bank-so don’t stress the small stuff!  At first I was pretty disappointed that different colored table linens would cost extra money.  Then I realized how silly it would be to spend a few thousand dollars on colored linens and chair covers!  The standard linens will still look gorgeous, and I can use colors in the up-lighting and flowers!
3) Everyone’s weddings are different, and you may not do things exactly as I recommend. This is another tough one because yes, of course you want to invite everyone you know to your wedding. Note: To make things easier on you and to ensure that you hire quality professionals, I’ve done extensive research on all of the wedding pros in Every Last Vendor. Alright, so you have some of your vendors booked… now it’s time to take a break and go wedding dress shopping! And remember, sometimes things are done differently depending on your own situation, so it’s totally fine if you don’t follow these steps exactly! Once you have all these basic steps completed, you can start working on the rest of the details of planning your wedding. Sure, you’ve been in a wedding or two, or maybe one of your close friends recently got married, but things are different when it’s YOUR wedding!

And keep in mind that guest counts usually go down by the time your wedding day comes around- and believe me… after a while, it’ll get really easy to cut the people you haven’t talked to in forever from the guest list. If you’re new here, you’ll soon discover out that I’m HUGE on knowing what style of wedding you want. There are so many amazing wedding professionals out there now, and you want time to be able to choose the right ones for you.
Well with the second round of vendors you will meet with next (florals, decor, invitations, rentals, cake) you’ll need to have a good idea of what you want your wedding to be like, so it’s time to focus on design and details! I hope all of this will help some of you out and get you going on the right path as you start planning your wedding!
There are of course other things that have to be done as you get closer to your wedding, but all of this will definitely get you started and prepare you for what is to come. I'm obsessed with being healthy, running, HIIT workouts, DIY projects, planning weddings, and being a great wife and mommy to our three pups and soon to be baby boy! I very much appreciate your blog because in the beginning of our wedding planning I struggled with what questions to ask vendors and what things I should consider.

I have compiled the 10 things you need to do first to get started with your wedding planning. This too is something that requires lots of research… which in the wedding world we like to call INSPIRATION! Give yourself a few (1 to 3 max) weeks to tour all of your possibilities (depending on how long you have before your wedding date of course), crunch numbers, envision your wedding there (or not), and then book your venue!
I’m subscribing, because there is no doubt in my mind that your future posts will be crucial during my crazy, stressful, AWESOME wedding planning journey. After all, this big, beautiful wedding world here on the internet does almost solely revolve around design and details! But you want to make sure that you have enough inspiration to be able to accurately convey to your potential vendors what it is you want for your wedding.

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