Sets up books, looks at cash flow requirements based on the business plan, and acts as financial and tax advisor. Advises the on company entity, insurance requirements, license requirements, and contracts. Guides in the development of a business plan, ensures coordination of advisors, helps set up the structure of the company, and advises on growth steps and future planning. Your business plan is your guide to the how’s and why’s of your company in today’s marketplace. Demonstrate your understanding of potential customers, your industry, and your competition. Success when you’re starting your own business is measured by a great bottom line along with your satisfaction. Dorrie Pariser is president of Pariser Business Consulting which provides services to start, develop and grow companies. To better understand why people start their own business, professional indemnity insurer, Hiscox ran an online poll asking entrepreneurs what motivated them to turn their idea into reality. Although making money will always be important to business owners, it is interesting to see the main driver is a desire to be their own boss.

In actuality, “the purpose of your resume is to get you an interview,” says Frank Schroeder, Campus2Career consultant.
According to Schroeder, there are a few tricks to refreshing your resume after being on a long career break. Lately, I've had emails and messages from a number of women out there wanting to embark on starting their own business, and inquiring about tips and tricks or advice I could offer to help them get started on their journey to being an entrepreneur. One example is George Osborne increasing the bank levy by £800 million for 2011 to persuade lenders to finance small businesses. This could suggest that people are taking the plunge because they want independence and the freedom to sculpt their own future, with or without a bread slicer. Make sure that the heading of your resume includes your address (with the state name spelled out), your telephone number, a fax number, your email address, and if you want to include it, your Twitter user name.
Schroeder says, “This is the most important part of the resume because it really shows what you want to do.” When you write your objective be succinct, say what you want to do, and the ideal industry, profession or organization, and location. Thank you for sharing :) Congratulations on your business - such a wonderful accomplishment! It is essentially a summary of the salient points of your business plan and is what 90% of your readers will read.

With that being said, here is some of my lessons learned, helpful resources, and my perspective on starting and running your own business. My best advice is to close your eyes and think about what your logo should look like, what colors speak to you, how you want people to view your business, etc. Being a business owner is so much harder than my former life in the corporate world, but I wouldn't change it for the world. The hard part of owning your own business is that you can forget a normal 8-5 workday, but you can set boundaries in place for making the most out of your schedule. Think about the places you shop and or conduct business and make a list of things you like.

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