One of the most relieving aspects of the spiritual path for many people is that you don't have to know anything to walk it. As many of you have gone on your spiritual journeys, some of you may have gone astray with misinformation or with simply overflowing the mind with ideas and practices.
The spiritual path is simply helping us clearly understand all the mental, emotional, physical, psychic, and energetic tools we have at our disposal.
Quite some time ago, I wrote about the importance of understanding projections in a blog post called: Understanding Your Projections and How They Block Your Spiritual Growth.

I get to share more spiritual poetry from my student, Rach, which I'm always excited about. I often write about healing, and for me spiritual healing and spiritual teaching are almost synonymous. There are levels and depths to the spiritual path as much as there are not levels and depths. You don't have to be smart, remember spiritual principles, or practice for years on end.

In this spirituality blog, I hope to help you take a few steps back and return to the inherent simplicity of being that is the truth of the spiritual path.
Here is yet another paradox of the spiritual path: there is no where to go and no work to be done, but there are great and immense shifts that require a lot of focused energy.

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