The $US40 Green Interactive Feeder encourages your dog to take its time while eating since it has to work its tongue and snout into every nook and cranny to find the food.
Seems like a good idea to me, I've seen plenty of dogs wolf down their food so quick they choke on it. It apparently also serves up some great mental stimulation as they hunt for every last morsel, but given how excited a dog gets when its dinner time, you might feel a little guilty serving up their supper in a skill-testing challenge.

The makers of Slo-Bowl say that it promotes  more natural eating habits as it requires dogs to work a bit for their food, to forage for it.
But as people who have a huge yellow labrador that will scarf down her food in like .5 nanoseconds, this is a blessing!
Dogs can also benefit from a more leisurely approach to dining, and that’s why this bizarre bowl is covered in tiny plastic mountains.

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