Take a look through your cupboards and think how many calories you could take out of your diet by choosing low fat alternatives.
There are plenty of fancy diets and exercise regimes that you can follow, if you want to, but you can also lose weight, the easy way, by just adopting a few simple habits in your life. Just two or three minutes a day, climbing the stairs, can make a major difference to your weight over time.

Simply trying to do the vacuum cleaning faster or walking to the shops quicker will elevate your heart rate and help to burn off a few more calories. These tips won’t bring you instant weight loss, but give it some time, and you really will start to see the difference. All you have to do is think, before you buy and read the labels, that way you will cut down on calories easily.

That should be enough to make you feel full and keep you going until the next meal; the good news is that you can eat your smaller meals more often and still lose weight, because by eating smaller portions of food but more often can help boost your metabolism and will help you avoid that unpleasant starvation mode in which your body goes when it feels the lack of nourishment.

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