This entry was posted in Yoga and tagged calm, class, exercise, fitness, hobby, lesson, meditation, peace, relaxation, yoga instructor NYC by Jason Bishop. Simple Meditation: This is the simplest and easiest technique of meditation amongst other meditation techniques. Walking Meditation: This meditation technique is difficult for the inexperienced because we tend not to focus too much on the act of walking as such a normal activity. Mindfulness Meditation: This meditation technique is also known as Vipassana and is practiced by Buddhists.

Transcendental Meditation: This meditation technique is probably the most researched technique of all. Movement Meditation: The Movement meditation is recommended to those who have achieved a higher level of spiritual awareness.
There are different mediation techniques for different cultures, but the meditation is universal. This technique helps your breathing and gentle flowing movements to combine together to accomplish the meditative state.

In this meditation method you have to sit still and have a quiet moment which in turn allows you to focus on only one object.

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