Basic projects can be managed using some of the features available in general-purpose software that is available in most offices.
A feature named SmartArt was introduced in Microsoft Office 2007 that has a variety of charts that can be used for displaying organization and relationships that use more sophisticated and artistic graphics, as shown in Figure 6.14 "SmartArt Feature in Microsoft Word". If the data in the spreadsheet is arranged in simple rows of the same type of data, it can be manipulated to provide reports for basic projects.
This type of diagram is useful for projects with low complexity where a simple chart of a few activities will suffice.
Several releases of MS Word run on the Windows operating system and on the Macintosh operating system.

There have been several releases of MS Excel that run on the Windows operating system and on the Macintosh operating system.
Expansion of this modular file is as simple as attaching the desired number of add-on pockets to each basic pocket. Open Office is a free software alternative that includes a word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and drawing programs. Filing system contains one basic pocket and six add-on pockets so it makes seven compartments. Spreadsheets are often used to manage data on simple projects instead of a dedicated database or project management software.

The Open Office Draw program, and others like it, can create diagrams such as the one shown in Figure 6.24 "Diagram Created Using Open Office Draw". Included Deluxe Hot File Labeling System offers one easy-to-apply label holder packet for each pocket. In the Windows Vista operating system, the option is found on the Control Panel, in Appearance and Personalization, in Folder Options, on the View tab, under Advanced Settings, as shown in Figure 6.8 "Displaying File Name Extensions".

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