This incredible wedding inspiration was a result of a photography workshop hosted by Half Orange Photography and designed by 36th Street Events. Even that gorgeous wedding cake came from Whole Foods, which you can imagine is infinitely more budget friendly than most wedding cakes.
All of the weddings you post are great and I’ve really enjoyed the international weddings that have been making their appearances here!

Be sure you don’t miss a single exquisite detail of this European garden wedding inspiration by visiting the full gallery here, all captured by Half Orange Photography. All of our food came from our local Whole Foods, and is a great example of how you don’t have to break the bank with catering to really wow your guests and carry out the style of your wedding.
We’re so pleased with how a glamorous and European a low-budget wedding can really look.

Our bridesmaid dresses were inexpensive finds from Dillard’s, and the wedding dress was used.

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