At school I was often told off for talking and ever since it's safe to say silence isn't something that comes naturally to me.
I enjoyed the group meditation, focusing on my breathing while reflecting on things that were on my mind. A day of silent meditation practice, (including walking and sitting meditation), meditation guidance and a Dharma talk by a Gaia House teacher. The fee for Gaia House Meditation Days reflects just the basic cost of providing the facilities, managing and maintaining the centre. Meditation Days are an opportunity to spend a day in silence with sustained meditation practice, guidance from an experienced Gaia House retreat teacher and a Dharma talk (investigating teachings from the Buddha).
Retreats offer time to explore serenity, wisdom and compassion through Insight Meditation and mindfulness in a supportive environment. Regular, alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation ensure that you get plenty of time to stretch your legs and enjoy the beautiful house and grounds. During the day, please follow the Gaia House guidelines for conduct and refrain from engaging in all forms of verbal and written communication with other retreatants and the outside world.

There was something therapeutic and comforting about sitting together as a group, even if we weren't talking.The silence didn't seem so loud when there were five other people relaxing nearby. Meditation Days are good introductions for beginners – or equally can help to sustain and deepen a continuing personal meditation practice. Participation in retreats does not require you to identify yourself as a Buddhist, nor to subscribe to the principles of Buddhism – all you need is an interest in inner exploration and development.
The main emphasis is upon developing attention, sensitivity and awareness through sitting and walking meditation. Sitting meditation may be done on cushions or a meditation stool or bench, or you may wish to sit in a chair: you can use the posture you find most comfortable.
Please speak with the retreat teacher(s) only when appropriate, to ask questions and discuss your meditation experience, or with the staff if there are any essential practical matters you need to attend to.More about silence. In many religions silence is seen as integral to letting go of daily problems and reconnecting to one's self.I would be living in a house with up to five other guests. You will be given the opportunity to offer a voluntary donation to Gaia House and to the teacher(s) who have guided your meditation practice.

We ate together around a dining table in silence, with only the sound of chewing and swallowing. It gives us the luxury of thinking concepts through."I chose the Coach House as the location for my thinking time, a remote retreat centre just north of Inverness in a village called Kilmuir.
The beautiful whitewashed house stands on the side of a gently sloping hill, an ancient beech forest behind it and a large inlet of water in front.Hannah Britt attempted to learn more about herself during a three-day silent retreat [PH]As I walked up the path I thought it looked like something out of a fairytale.
It felt good.Hannah Britt headed to the peaceful village of Kilmuir, north of Inverness in Scotland [GETTY]While you're not expected to reveal your deepest darkest secrets, unless you want to of course, you are encouraged to talk about the things you have been contemplating in the silence. After my initial horror I found it quite nice to chat to an impartial ear.The retreat can be tailored to your individual needs.
A great brain break, it was a chance to replenish my energy stores that had been running on empty.In total I spent three days at the retreat, which is the optimum amount of time, according to Sue.

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