A guy who is not into you wouldn’t show excitement in asking anything about you or your life.
Not telling you something about himself would mean that he’s shutting the door for you and you’re not invited to be a part of his world.  This is in fact a telltale sign that there’s no chemistry between you two.
Good impressions beyond doubt matter a lot especially during the first date.  If the guy you’re dating does not make any effort to impress you then you can be sure that he’s not into you.
Flirting, in ways like whispering, perking up when seeing you, becoming chatty, touching you, staying close to you, making fun of you and making a lot of eye contact when you’re having conversation, is a sign that he is physically attracted to you. When one goes on dating, it is expected that one can experience wasting or not wasting quality and seeing or not seeing a potential for a budding relationship. Knowing all the signs by heart will help you to determine that the man is a potential partner or not.

Katrina, thanks for appreciating these great points in knowing whether or not your man is interested in you. Well these should raise some red flags, but even all these signs may not give someone a hint. Sometimes the signs are all there, but you’re so desperate for attention, that you miss them. It would seem with all these very obvious signs, that a woman would get that the guy isn’t really in to her. In the world of dating, it’s all about chemistry and there are only two possible outcomes – it’s either that he’s into you or not. Asking nothing about you is a surefire clue that he dislikes you and not interested in talking to you.

If he fails to show one or all of these flirty actions, then it’s a sign he’s not feeling it. LOL glad not to be in that situation nowadays but this is very valuable info, and I hope lots of people will see this so they can benefit from it!! If you have been wondering how you can turn your light on, wow, and enchant your soulmate into entering your life, Lorii has answers! So, whatever your dating experience is, it’s always a good idea to know the signs whether a guy is into you or not.

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