However, though there is ancient tradition in all of these songs, many are original mantras in the way the words are combined, and all of the musical arrangements (i.e.
Disclaimer: Attempting to explain the full potential and extent of the meaning contained in these songs would be a lengthy book. This song dances with a tribal beat between these two different phrases, all describing different attributes and expressions of divinity. Kali ~ Goddess of time, transformation, destruction, great shifting; benevolent Mother Goddess. All sweetness and love, this song sings to the beauty and nurturing power of the Divine feminine and Mother Goddess energy.

SHIVAYA comes from the word Shiva, which literally means “auspicious.” Shivaya describes the intrinsic goodness that exists within all things, because it is the Nature of the energy that pulses and penetrates, creates and absorbs, All That Is. This song is a metta mantra—one that engages your heart and being in the vibration of compassionate loving-kindness. It feels good to sing, just as it is a joy to receive a song full of the purest, sweetest meaning. It is extremely effective to use in meditation and is a powerful phrase to recall when you need support.
It is a feeling that shifts completely the experience of life. It describes my appreciation of my unique voice and the songs themselves, which come spontaneously into being.

The whole point of these songs is to lead you into your own heart and the truth that shines within.
It describes my thankful respect of all who choose to listen and receive whatever the song carries to their hearts.

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