When you are setting up a business, it is vital that you set yourself goals that will drive you to succeed. Over the years, one common difference we have noticed between people who succeed in setting up a business and those who don’t is that invariably, successful people set goals for themselves.
Follow these nine steps in setting your goals and you will soon be enjoying the success you desire. Have another great week and keep an eye out for Lesson #4 where we help you decide what you really want when embarking on setting up a business. We feel the best way to answer is to let you read what clients, associates and current students have to say about us, our approach to business and the tips and techniques we use. Cause or Community- This is a go-to if your business doesn’t fit in any of the other categories.
Choose Your Preferred Page Audience: This is a relatively new option for Facebook business pages.

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It’s also a good choice for businesses who want to list an address for people to check in at, but not have the ability to leave a review. Now you can choose how you get notifications, whether or not you want to post to the page as yourself or as the business, assign admin access of the page to others….
You can satisfy this part by making sure you have a sound business plan that is based in reality, with sensible assumptions and detailed projections.
If you don’t feel a combination of excitement and a little fear in setting up a business, then it’s time to think about changing your goal. This allows your customers to rate your business online along with checking in at your business!
Keep in mind reviews are very important and can help separate your business from your competition.

Your plan needs to be ambitious, sure, but if your plan assumes you capture 90% of a market within three months without a detailed way of doing this; the left hand side of your brain will not be convinced and you experience many blocks to setting up a business.
There’s a lot that goes into it – here’s a go-to guide to follow while setting up your Facebook business page! Here you have the ability to write a short description, add your website’s URL, verify you’re a legitimate business.

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