In light of his theory of evolution, Charles Darwin theorized that our minds have evolved to experience emotions so that we can better adapt to our environment. Seeking positive experiences to reverse negative ruts (such as watching a comedy movie when we are feeling down, or listening to motivating music when we are lazy). As an example of using empathy for self regulation, You are driving on an expressway and someone is trying to merge from the entrance ramp.

Upstream Field Guide is a self-guided, 8-session course to help you discover your purpose and passions, then take the risks necessary to live according to that purpose—to live upstream.
I’ve been testing out the theory that it takes 30 days of consistent action for that action to become a habit. Still, though, I could have seen some improvement in my life, but I really didn’t witness too much, other than my being slightly more aware of those habits in my life I want to change.

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