Create a brief survey with two or three open-ended questions that ask for specific ideas that will improve organizational performance or customer service.
One idea here is to create a task-force team of employees to read through all of the responses and identify those that are both (a) easy to accomplish (low-hanging fruit) and (b) could have the greatest positive impact. Once the best ideas have been identified, have the team chose one and evaluate the current practice to be improved, define how the improved process will be performed, and implement changes with the involved staff (similar to Continuous Improvement teams and Kaizen Events). Although this may seem like a lot of work, this is possibly the easiest and most straightforward process to encourage employee involvement on a meaningful scale. Play With Puzzles: Studies clearly show, people who consistently work on puzzles, word challenges and other mind games, are actually raising their IQ.
Hi Sean,thanks for your smart piece.I agree with you that in order to keep the brain active one has to get involved in different active programs.

I had to join some mailing list to watch it, that’s how desperate I was for the information.
Even if you pick up a book for pleasure, letting your eyes bounce with the rhythm of the sentences will make your brain consider the structure, tone and meaning of the work. I have found over the past months while writing my blog that the words come more easily and the ideas flow a little freer.
I find that by asking for open-ended answers instead of 1 to 5 scales, I get people’s stories. When you can tie ideas together and create new one, your IQ begins to increase exponentially.
By forcing yourself to argue the opposite side, your mind can develop valid arguments against what it believes to be true.

I want to drink eight cups of water a day, run 100 miles by the holidays, and not forget to take my vitamins. I have enough people asking me to do things for them, and I don’t need more reasons to feel guilty. Diving deeper into discussion forces your mind to manufacture the right vocabulary to effectively describe feelings and thoughts.
I will actually fold clean clothes when I have time instead of throwing them in a pile somewhere at midnight before running to bed so my load of underwear in the wash that I forgot about will be ready by morning.

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