The methods are good, but there's a troubling hole in the content which is why I settled on a 3, not a 4 even though the book had a powerful impact on my thinking.Low self esteem can both contribute to, and be caused by, depression and anxiety. I love how many children’s books help teach a child to love themselves, celebrate their uniqueness and stand up for themselves.
I’m Gonna Like Me  is an excellent book about building self esteem in both girls and boys.
Willow (appropriate for ages 5 and up), by Denise Brennan-Nelson and Rosemarie Brennan is a beautiful story of self expression. Reading books to your child about loving themselves and building their self esteem can be really empowering and valuable.
My daughter told me about this book when returning from kindergarten one day.  A Bad Case of Stripes is about a young girl named Camilla Cream who cares deeply about what others think of her.
This book offers methodical, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approaches to improving self esteem.

Helping build self esteem is something not that not only our children can benefit from, but also ourselves. I love Jamie Lee Curtis’ books because they all have a common theme in celebrating life and building self esteem in young children. That's not a diagnosable term, but low self-esteem can be at the root of a lot of mental distress, as my cognitive behavioural therapist has suggested it is for me.
She finally realizes that her friends love her for whom she is and learns to celebrate herself and her freckles at the end of the book.
The book takes you through a very important lesson in what can happen when you lose your individuality and only care about what others think of you. This continues through the book until sweet potato finally meets a friend and brings him to a place where everyone accepts him for whom he is and not what he looks like.
This book contains all the techniques I was taught in CBT, plus some more, as well as in-depth explanations.

The book assumes you are no longer in that damaging situation and can look back at it rationally.
However, I personally have found this book really useful and would recommend it to anyone with low self-esteem, though you do need a certain amount of motivation to achieve the maximum return on it as with CBT in general, which is the eternal double bind with self-help really. If you don't believe me, look no further than the fact it's one of Reading Well's Books on Prescription! The author, while clearly an expert in the realities of low self esteem, does not appear to have made an indepth study of the causes and attendant risks for those who are still living with the source or otherwise vulnerable.

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