Ways to Relieve Menopausal Hot Flashes begins with a prevention program.While it may be impossible to completely avoid hot flashes during menopause, there are certain triggers that may bring them on more frequently or cause them to be more severe. Program Title: The Art of Being A Woman: A  Step by Step System on how to be a  Brand New Woman with Authentic Power! In this 6 month  program the selected women will develop a personalized self esteem building action plan with the one-on-one time  spent with Njideka as mentor and consultant.To participate in this program an interviewed is required  for the purpose of o seeing  if this program and working with Njideka is a fit. By the time I was sixteen years old, both my parents were dead and I was on a path of self-destruction. Kathleen has developed and delivered programs on the topics of self-esteem, leadership, attitude, stress management and the power of choice. 45-90 minute speaking program followed by optional breakout sessions with targeted subgroups. When our little ones learn and play together, sensitivity and appreciation for diversity, self-confidence and self-esteem flourish. Our daily programs provide play time, exploring time and a balance of child directed and teacher directed activities. We are proud to offer our high quality program to all children regardless of family income.

Kids Empowered offers programs and training to empower children, parents and professionals to deal with unfriendly classmates and friends, bullying, relational aggression and to build confidence, emotional intelligence, character, leadership, self-esteem, fitness and social skills. This is a 6 month three phase training program for women ready to make a lifestyle change and redefine who, what and how they want to live their personal and professional life.
A Complete Program for Women Tired of Putting Their Dreams on the Back Burner and are Ready  to  Do Their Own Thing! Still available are simple arts and crafts projects, but the addition of early learning programs has been attributed to research showing a response to academics at an earlier age. The challenges teen girls face today often seem insurmountable as they are bombarded daily with negative media messaging that erodes their confidence and chips away at their already fragile sense of self. A Guest Editor and Contributor for the Dove Self-Esteem Fund, Kathleen’s articles are inspiring women and girls around the globe. She has been a regular guest appearing on many local shows including Channel 5’s Chronicle, and is a consultant and producer of several programs on teen self-esteem. As a proud Dad now she is all grown up, I understand how important it was for us to spend one on one time together like this - so please don't look at this program as a replacement for your own time with your children, rather as an additional way of helping them through life's little challenges. The Freedom Lifestyle™ is a training program that uses as its model the  challenges and change associated with the growth and development of the butterfly as it relates to women taking back control of their lives and  getting fired up about living a fabulously successful, blissfully happy life, and lovin’ it!

Summer needs may differ from those during the school year and parents may switch programs to accommodate those needs. Kathleen has been a guest DJ on GRLZ RADIO and her DJ Kat Confidence Tips continue to air regularly on the station’s programming. More specifically it will help them creatively find all the reasons that make them special, in doing so helping boost self-esteem, confidence, positivity, and general happiness levels. I find this way works better with children rather than simply telling them what to do - as we all know sometimes that has the opposite effect :) By listening to the program daily over a 6 to 8 week period, it will have the effect of helping create a more positive context of self for your child. Over time this will create a new perspective allowing them to address self-esteem issues and generally have much happier thoughts.

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