Boosting your self-esteem is one of the best things that you can do in order to stop limiting yourself. You can release these self-limits, so that you can go after what you really want in life, by increasing your self-esteem.
Touch your thumb to your ring finger and remember a time when you did something important for someone else.
After all, in order for you to do what must be done in order to live your best life you have truly believe that you’re worth it.

A lot of the time low self-esteem stems not from the events that are taking place around you, but from your interpretation of those events. Whenever you have a negative feeling about yourself, question the thoughts that led to those negative feelings; look for alternative thoughts by using the questions above. For example, it could be the time that you took some of your Christmas money and you used it to buy a gift for a child who otherwise wouldn’t have received any presents. For example, it could be a time when you got sick as a child and your mother took care of you all day.

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