It is the very purpose of meditation to create a spiritual environment within which the meditator, or yogi, dwells for a period of time. Mahat is the editor of "16ROUNDS to Samadhi." Born in 1975 on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. Later, as he began to teach the method on retreats for the lay community, he began to hear about its use from people experienced in Hindu and Sikh meditation practices. Thus the first step of meditation is to withdraw the senses from the field of materialism and, second, to focus the mind and the senses on spiritual information.

Thus the tradition of yoga and meditation advise us to select the environment and association that will maximize our potentials, maximize our freedom, and bring about our best well being. In 1991, when Ajahn Sumedho taught the sound of silence as a method on a retreat at a Chinese monastery in the United States, one of the participants was moved to comment, ‘I think you have stumbled on the Shurangama Samadhi. Download the interactive PDF and ePUB in English, Telugu or Spanish, as well as each month's photo of Sri Babuji and a few words in his own voice.
In its heartfelt expression, kirtan can induce profound states of meditation, bliss, and ecstasy.

Yogi will see the forest as a sacred place suitable for meditation and worthy of his respect.

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