80 page black and white A5 booklet focussing on the different running styles and techniques needed to efficiently run over difficult terrain. In the final sections, the booklet shows you how to construct training sessions to improve your techniques and increase your confidence for running over rough ground along with some sample training sessions. On your next run off-road you will now look at the environment through which you are running with a different perspective.

For both the trail runner and the fell runner the skills learnt here can prove to be invaluable in giving you the competitive edge when trail and fell running over open countryside. However off-road running in common with sports such as climbing, work in a more multi-dimensional world based on the ever changing surface with which they are in contact with.
The author is a UK Athletics coach specialising in endurance running in the fells and mountains.

This book offers guidance on how we can run more effectively and minimise the risk of injury on a variety of treacherous surfaces.

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