If you intend to make your girlfriend feel like a royal princess, prepare for her a nice imperial bedroom, with a royal golden bed with chiseled canopy and elegant white curtains, spread white flowers all over the floor and the success is guaranteed. But you cannot feel completed without a nice and elegant table set for lovers, strewed with red rose petals, with two romantic glasses, a bottle of red wine and a cozy lamp to enlighten your love! If you share a hot passion with someone, you would definitely like a large matrimonial bed with many red and white decorative pillows; you could try and create a plus of romanticism by adding a red petal heart on the bed. Look at this solar bedroom, in warm summer colors of love and passion, red and orange and yellow shades everywhere, on the walls and on the bed clothes, romantic rose petals hearts and atmosphere of tenderness!
Romantic moments can be spent in a large reddish bed, with red canopy and red or purple curtains, surrounded by red walls and cozy lights.
For a simple young modern couple a white bedroom dressed up in lace, a matrimonial white bed covered with pink petals and the intimate light of small candles is enough to create a romantic atmosphere for their love declarations.

You may change the light, the walls may be painted in white or camel, the presence of red petals spread over the bed will create the romantic atmosphere.
And don’t forget that you don’t need a special occasion to demonstrate your love! Simple and cheep details will talk about the Saint Valentine’s Day spirit within your home or office.
The romantic aspect of this pink and purple bedroom, with two pink hearts on the wall, a romantic white vase with pink tulips and the nice chandelier hanging over the night table would be a plus.
It provides intimacy by hanging a romantic chandelier over the bed and this is a décor for a princess! An orange bed, with shades of amber and the tonality of flames burning your soul, two warm lamps placed in a room with orange walls may be the perfect choice for a perfect night of love.

To create a beautiful and intimate atmosphere of love you can try different kinds of decoration for the house, especially bedroom, or maybe table decoration, if you’re going to have a romantic dinner. For example, the white mantle of a fireplace can be adorned with red candles and red garlands containing red burning hearts, the contrast between red and white revealing your strong feelings towards the person you love .

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