Med students at Boston University School of Medicine are learning yoga relaxation techniques for stress. The faculty and instructors who launched the class hope these future doctors will be able to exploit their knowledge of yoga and its research-based benefits to someday help patients and to feel as comfortable prescribing yoga as they do Prozac. In fact, Saper, as a burnt-out medical student, took a year off to study at Kripalu, the yoga retreat in western, Mass. The thought of doctors prescribing yoga relaxation techniques for stress is an encouraging one! This entry was posted in yoga for stress relief and tagged prescribing yoga, yoga health benefits, yoga relaxation techniques, yoga rx. This entry was posted in Fitness, Healthy Reminders, Stress Management and tagged fitness, health, healthy living, relaxation, stress, water, Yoga.

If you remember, I tried Yoga for the first time a few Friday evenings ago and mentioned I would come back and talk about my experience. I think the most important thing one can do before a Yoga workout is to review the different postures, especially if you have never performed Yoga before. This entry was posted in Fitness, Stress Management and tagged Asana, breath, exercise, fitness, Friday, Hatha yoga, health, healthy living, Physical exercise, relaxation, Religion and Spirituality, United States, Yoga. Tonight I am also going to splurge and have a nice glass of chardonnay while soaking in the hot bath after Yoga.
This entry was posted in Journaling and tagged bath, DVD, Friday, health, healthy soups, journaling, rain, reading, relax, Religion and Spirituality, Trader Joe's, wine, Yoga, Yoga Journal. She's done yoga at home, in yoga classes, and is currently a member at a yoga studio in the Los Angeles area.

A freelance graphic designer by trade, she welcomes you to join her on this journey to learn more about the healthful practice of yoga.
Now Boston U is teaching yoga poses and their health benefits to these future doctors – for their own health, and that of their patients to come. Rather than trying to contort yourself into a pretzel, focus on how your mind and emotions feel when you do Yoga.

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