Mindful hypnobirthing teaches you how to easily access a deep state of relaxation for exactly when you need it, removing fear and anxiety, greatly reducing and often avoiding entirely the need for pain relief, allowing your mind to work in harmony with your body. If you can’t see a class date that suits, please get in touch and I will schedule one for you.
One-day hypnobirthing classes take place in my retreat-style Hypnotherapy Studio in the North Kent Downs, 15 minutes from Bluewater, and at the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow.

The Western Baths in Glasgow certainly holds a particular affection in the minds of a host of people, not only in the city’s west end from which it takes its name, but in many parts of Scotland and places furth of the country.
Our practitioners are professional hypnotherapists, antenatal teacher and midwives across the Midlands, Yorkshire, South West and South East helping women and their birthing partners to give birth confidently, and in control using breathing, relaxation, hypnosis and mindfulness.

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