We retrieved our luggage from the bus and stood in line for a brief 20 minutes of check-in procedures. The Castello Brown is everything your imagination could place it to be, sited on the high promontory over a picture book Mediterranean village. Pat and John were accompanied by friend Joanne, a retired teacher, Al and his mother Cora, also from celebration Florida and the Two Australians, Mike and Carmen Harchand. We stopped for a time, in one of the deck ten lounges, and read our books, enjoying the quiet mode of the ship at sea. A thorough search from Abstract Expressionism to Zoomorphic Ornament yielded little useful material although the book is bursting with thousands of strange words, most of which end with the letters “-ism”, that art critics use to bewilder their readers. Three hundred and fifty cruise passengers had booked a few days in Rome and were expected this morning. Then, we settled in with paninis, chips,acqua minerale con gassata and a good bottle of Chianti, while we read our books and got ready to join The Norwegian Dream for an itinerary we had long anticipated. Traffic was light, at the peace bridge and on the Queen Elizabeth Expressway, so we breezed into Toronto’s Pearson airport in 90 minutes, well in time for all of us to relax and check in for our afternoon flights.

A lively lunch, well seasoned with several flagons of the local Chianti, consisted of pasta and mushrooms in sauce, asparagus risotto, (no carne for four), cheese, green beans and salad,finished off with a ricotta cheese desert that was wonderful and accompanied throughout with aqua frizzante. 2007 is that Pollock created his drips by throwing paint at a canvas, whereas Norman’s image had already been created by nature on an obscure wall in Australia. It is impressive enough, but the real treasure, for Americans, is to walk by a simple grave stone, amidst ancient Monagasque royalty, embedded in the floor near the main altar. After our swim, we read our books and soon fell into the arms of Morpheus, where we slept like dead alligators in a swamp, for a blissful eight hours.
Several flagons, of a decent , house, red wine, accompanied salad, pasta, cheesecake and cappuccino. The beaches sported colorful names like “Miami,” and ‘Opera.” In the Summers, this place must really rock and roll! We wondered again at the many parades of conquering armies that had this way trod, dazed captives, strange animals and other trophies of victory shepherded before them, to the delight of the cheering throngs. We always do a double blink when we find ourselves in places like this, to remind us that we are really here and not meandering in some day dream in a place far away.

It is these chance encounters, with people from everywhere, that really make a cruise enjoyable.
We found and entered an elegant hostelry called “Chateau de la Chevre d’Or,” roughly, the “house of the golden goat. A veteran hands-on print expert in book printing and publishing, de Brackinghe was headhunted from the United Kingdom to work in an overseas-owned Hong Kong-based publishing company with a remit to introduce quality art printing to local printers who had not yet ventured into high-end printing. No one had really ever substantiated the claim, but it made for great symbolism and interest both to the natives and the tourists.

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