Wash and dry jars and layer the bottom with the greenery of your choice, and then add a handful or two of cranberries. Here’s an easy way to decorate some very attractive Lantern Candle Holders out of Mason Jars. This is a cute idea for the kids… Leap Into Art has a recipe for making home made play dough and creating these decorative Mason Jars to store it in. If you don’t have some Mason Jars handy and want to pick some up for very reasonable prices, check out Specialty Bottle.

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She has several pictures of her Mason Jars decorated differently and added white chocolate pretzels and gave them as office gifts. I like how she made cute, custom labels and added coordinating Holiday fabric to decorate the Mason Jars. These are made with different coordinating fabrics, ribbon and branches of flowering twigs.

They’re sprinkled into the jars and votive candles are added for a pretty mantle display.

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