Every day we get bombarded with information about dietary fiber and what a miraculous substance it is supposed to be. When you ingest a good amount of fiber, it adds bulk to the contents of your bowels, meaning you will pass your stools more often. The whole fuss seems a bit over the top and it is indeed true that marketing drives a lot of the hype around fiber. We actually only get very little from plants when it comes to quantity and this is why they have so few calories for us humans.
Dietary fiber is one of the few substances we actually need, not because it becomes part of our bodies through metabolism, but because it actually removes a lot of waste from inside us.

Only recently in human history did we found out that it was fiber that loosened those stools and not a dangerous, life-threatening disease.
There are people that have such sensitive bowels that they do not need fiber to be regular, in contrary fiber might cause diarrhea to those people depriving them of important nutrients.
Fiber should not be ingested in large quantities by people who have diarrhea as it can worsen the symptoms. So we discovered that fiber actually benefits us in its own way by assisting our bowel movement. All that is pretty recent and if you add to that the pretty modern bowel cancer studies you have your answer why the fiber hype is such a recent event.

These people might actually need more fiber than the average person to regulate their stools.

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