On Friday nights I would race to get my newspapers delivered, hurry to the bank, ask the teller for several hundred one dollar bills and start sorting through them picking out all the older silver certificates. I would open a bank savings account at banks so I could pester the tellers and manager to get their business.
Fortunately I was using this as another teaching and learning experience by having my sister act as bookkeeper and counting people’s change. I always expected them to tell me to get lost since this was somewhat of a nuisance for them, but since I had an account there and was always nice to them they continuously accommodated me.

At about 14 years old I got in to see the President of Syracuse Savings Bank on the top floor of one of the most prestigious buildings in Syracuse, NY. Sooner or later in most cases it would pay off, when someone would die and the “who ya gonna call” phone number was right there by the telephone on the desk. The payoff for my consulting was one of the biggest printing orders yet - everything he needed - business cards, stationary, envelopes, announcement cards, etc.
There were many more buildings and doors knocked on - lawyers, accountants, medical offices - and many items sold.

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