Kids can slip them on and off by themselves, encouraging independence and confidence, not to mention it makes it easy for moms juggling multiple kids at a time.
There are also several online options for donating toys like Toys for Tots and Project Smile. There are many other ways to teach children to be kind and you’re welcome to check and print out the list of 100 Acts of Kindness for Kids to get inspired! Mihaela runs Best Toys 4 Toddlers blog and loves to come up with new ideas how to use old toys her 2 daughters keep leaving on the floor to slip over.
Summer is a time for relaxing, hanging out with family and enjoying the fact that you probably won’t have to listen to a large group of third-graders play the recorder in a crowded, sweltering auditorium for at least a couple more months.
Haha, I thought for a minute there would be something about throwing the frozen water balloons…oops! About Asha DornfestI'm the founder of Parent Hacks and the co-author of Minimalist Parenting: Enjoy Modern Family Life More By Doing Less. There may be toddlers out there who keep there shoes on in the car, but if your kids are anything like mine, the shoes come off…every time.

Read full disclosure.As a parent of two little girls, one of my own concerns is to bring them up to become kind, loving people. Our kindergarten is a public institution and as such, always lack money for most of things they need, including toys. She's a daily contributor to Scary Mommy, creates gorgeous pinnable images for the site's articles and makes sure the Scary Mommy Pinterest stream is full of fabulous stuff you won't want to miss! Of course, these are different groups with different teachers, and programs for each age group are adjusted. What we have donated in the past ranged from board books, building blocks, wooden puzzles, play utensils, pots, and pans, to items for dress-up like purses and scarves. Of course we never forget to reapply sunscreen every 30 seconds like the bottle demands, nor would we ever miss a spot on the top of their ears (yeah, right), but if somehow your child ends up a teeny bit lobster-ish from the sun anyway, try using aloe cubes on the burn. Kids (and moms, for that matter) are a lot more likely to grab a drink on the go if they know it isn’t going to be all nasty and room temperature in ten minutes. Just squirt 100% aloe vera gel straight into an ice cube tray (preferably not the one you use for your margarita ice) and freeze.

Instead, you can poke about 10-15 cloves into each half of a cut lime for a natural bug repellant that’s admittedly probably a lot less effective than DEET, but also a lot less poisonous. Fix that by filling a water bottle about a quarter of the way full and resting it in its side in the freezer, for a water bottle that keeps its cool. The aloe is great for the burn, and the cold makes it extra soothing — for your kid, and for your slightly guilty conscience. Can’t keep anything for themselves, especially if you have 2 little chatty daughters like we do!

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