Homes that are fortunate enough to have a family room are the ones that find that the family room is the center of attention almost every single day.
The first place to start when preparing to organize a family room is to make sure that there are armoires or shelves in the room.
This is the room where the most comfortable furniture is located and where the media and entertainment center is located. A closet also works well but not all family rooms have those and having one installed is not in everyone’s budget.

Again, if one has a closet or cabinet in the family room to house these, that works even better; but when those things are not available one cannot beat the magic of baskets and bins to store items. It is a room for watching television, spending time together, relaxing and even entertaining. It may seem simple but even just one large basket in a family room can really help control mess as everything goes in to those baskets when not being used. It is a room that is used hard and often and thus it is a room that can get cluttered rather quickly and thus it deserves some great organizing techniques to keep that clutter to a bare minimum.

Once one has determined what is available they can get to work on making the room more organized. It may take time for everyone to get used to being more organized but when it happens, the family room always looks well kept.

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