A clean, organized garage provides you with space for your cars as well as storage space for tools, garden supplies, lawn equipment, outdoor toys, sports equipment, trash cans and recycling bins. If you have exposed ceiling joists in your garage or basement consider screwing wire shelving to it for additional space. Consider installing hooks and wire shelving near the door leading from your garage to the inside of your house. Make use of your wall space by installing heavy-duty shelving or by placing stand alone industrial strength shelves along the wall to store items on.
Place a small trash can in the garage so that each time you get out of your car, you can immediately throw your trash away. If you keep a lot of small tools in your garage, consider investing in a tool chest or cabinet. Organize your garage by creating zones or areas for sporting gear, household records, tools, gardening equipment, seasonal items, etc.
Store out of season items (snow shovels, garden tools, sprinklers, etc.) in an out of the way place.

Karen at Saving the Family Money tell you how to easily make a pegboard wall unit for your garage to organize your tools, gloves gardening tools, and more. For more ideas to help you simplify and organize one day at a time, visit the Organized in 365 Archives. Getting all those tools organized is essential to an easy ebb and flow of your summer gardening days. This potting sink at Terrain is a perfect place to re-pot your favorite containers or start a batch of seedlings.
Consider using a pegboard or hanging rack like this nursery in Sweden for easy organization of tools. I keep most of my hand tools on pegboard in my basement, but the idea of storing my bigger 'outdoor' tools on pegboard had never occurred to me. If your garage walls are covered with drywall, you can't attach the pegboard directly to the walls because the pegs need a little room to protrude through the holes in the boards.
To accommodate all these things and still have room to get in and out of your car, you have to maximize your storage space.

This keeps from having to search for all the supplies each time you wash your car, plus it provides a handy storage container. Hopefully they’ll inspire you to make your own charming workspace using things you might already have!
You need to take advantage of every square inch of space in your garage, from floor to ceiling. Also keep a whisk broom and dustpan nearby for quick cleanups of your car’s floor mats and upholstery.
Creating an organized and inspiring workspace and tool storage make these days easier and more productive. Putting everything in it’s place at the end of the day and keeping track of all your pots and shovels is easier when everything has a home.

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